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BSV and gambling are perfect match: Nick Hill talks blockchain in gambling on CoinGeek Backstage

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Bitcoin SV and gambling are a perfect match, and during CoinGeek Zurich, a number of panels delved into how the BSV blockchain can revolutionize the rapidly evolving sector. iGaming consultant Nick Hill moderated one such panel and on the sidelines of the event, he talked to CoinGeek Backstage about how BSV can power gambling, be it for the users, the operators or the regulators.

Hill’s panel on the event brought together nChain’s Simit Naik and Malta Gaming Authority’s Brandon Debattista among others. “The biggest takeaway [from the panel] was responsible gambling, and how to use blockchain for data storage. Also touched on how we can use the blockchain for AML and KYC,” he told CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero.

Having been in the gambling industry for close to two decades, Hill knows all too well how important regulations are to the success of the sector. He believes that blockchain could be the key to this as well. In the case of a dispute, for instance, the blockchain’s immutable and transparent ledger allows regulators to follow up seamlessly.

YouTube video

Hill has been advocating for education in the gambling industry for years now, firmly under the belief that the more informed the stakeholders are the better the industry will get. “It’s all about education, as we always say,” he remarked.

Hill further revealed that he was impressed by the level of enthusiasm and progress in the Bitcoin SV community. Many of the projects building on the BSV blockchain, even those not dealing with gambling, have some great ideas, he told CoinGeek. He singled out Michael Hudson, the founder of Bitstocks and Luke Rohenaz, the founder of TonicPow as having “some of the most interesting and powerful ideas in the space.”

The gambling veteran reiterated Dr. Craig Wright’s message—we want to own our data.

“We don’t want to be giving our data away to—as Craig says—the Silicon Valley’s Twitters and Facebooks. We want to take ownership ourselves. We’re big grownups.”

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