Blockchain jobs shoot up 37% in India: report

Blockchain jobs shoot up 37% in India: report

Job postings related to digital currencies and blockchain technology have shot up in the past year, new data shows. As per a report by employment platform Indeed, job postings in the nascent industry shot up by 37% in August year-on-year. Demand for these jobs on the platform has shot up by 76%.

India has seen an influx of investors in the digital currency industry, with exchanges registering a boom in new registrations and trading volume. Blockchain technology is also seeing great traction, both from private enterprises and public institutions. With this rise in adoption has come expansion for the local companies and consequently, a sharp rise in demand for blockchain talent.

Since August 2018, blockchain jobs have gone up by 138%, according to the Indeed report.

Sashi Kumar, the head of sales at Indeed India told local outlet Money Control, “On Indeed, cryptocurrency job postings have seen a steady increase in the past 18 months. In August 2021 job postings for crypto jobs saw a 37 percent increase as compared to 13 percent in August 2020.”

India ranks second for digital currency adoption according to the Chainalysis 2021 Global Crypto Adoption Index, ranking behind global leader Vietnam. The country also ranked second for on-chain value received. In 2020, the country hadn’t even cracked the top 10, showing the explosive growth the country has seen in the past year.

Kumar added, “While cryptocurrency development promises to be an exciting new field of work and offers tremendous scope for application, the sector is still in a very nascent stage. With the demand for such jobs increasing on our platform is an indication of even more jobs being created in the sector in the future.”

With the demand for blockchain talent rising globally, a lot of resources are now being channeled towards upskilling developers with blockchain skills. One elite platform for this is the Bitcoin SV Academy, a platform that launched in late 2020 and has grown rapidly since then.

Bitcoin SV Academy caters to everyone, from the skilled developers to the newbies through its three fields of study – Bitcoin TheoryBitcoin Infrastructure, and Bitcoin Development.

As nChain CTO and Bitcoin veteran Steve Shadders summed it up, “There is something there for everyone.”

Yet another resource that has proven quite popular for blockchain job seekers is the Bitcoin Association’s jobs board. Having launched in early 2021, the board publishes diverse jobs in the blockchain industry, ranging from technical opportunities for developers to marketing, content, operations, finance, product management, and more.

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