Blockchain Innovation Program LBC 2023 Panel

Blockchain innovation program: Changing lives through BSV blockchain education

On Day 3 of the London Blockchain ConferenceEvan Freeman, director of Education at the BSV Blockchain Association, held a panel discussion with guest speakers Nicholas Bierkert, Lise Li, Reginald Tumusiime, Lorien Gamaroff, and Dr. Usman on how they’re working on various initiatives to educate people about the power of the BSV blockchain and how to utilize it.

People still don’t totally get blockchain

Lise Li LBC 2023

Education is the most important thing, according to Li. In her capacity as BSV Blockchain Association Manager in China, she has noticed that many people misunderstand blockchain technology and Bitcoin. She and her team are working hard to correct that. They have translated various technical documents into Chinese and offer engineering courses, certificates, and more.

Promoting financial inclusion in sub-Saharan Africa

Tumusiime, the CEO and founder of CapitalSavvy, is focused on promoting financial inclusion in sub-Saharan Africa. His company provides small and medium enterprises with credit and uses the blockchain to create an automated credit check system.

Reginald Tumusiime LBC 2023

He’s also teaching East Africans about blockchain technology in conjunction with the BSV Blockchain Association. His bigger-picture goal is to create an innovation hub and help promote the ideas and initiatives that come out of it.

Centbee is more than just a payments company

Centbee is one of the leading payment companies using the BSV Blockchain in Africa. However, CEO Gamaroff says there’s also an element of educating people about how to use and acquire BSV. He points out that, in many developing parts of the world, the payments infrastructure isn’t there to buy it directly, so part of the firm’s mission is to educate people about how to earn, acquire, and use Bitcoin.

Lorien Gamaroff LBC 2023

Gamaroff says people have forgotten Bitcoin was designed as an electronic cash system and often hold ideas of it as some sort of investment or speculative asset. Part of the process is educating them on what it is and how to use it for payments, remittances, and more.

5thwork has created an online learning platform

Bierkert, CEO of 5thwork, tells us how he has created an online learning platform that rewards people. Students are rewarded for completing courses such as the BSV Blockchain Association’s curriculum, and the higher the score they get, the bigger the reward will be.

Nicholas Bierkert LBC 2023

Echoing Gamaroff’s earlier point, he notes that many of the students don’t have an easy way to buy BSV, so taking these courses is one way to get it into their hands while educating them about blockchain technology in the process.

Dr. Usman wants Nigeria to be a blockchain leader

Dr. Usman tells us how he’s focused on facilitating entrepreneurship and education in his role at the National Information Technology Development Agency in Nigeria. He says Nigeria has a young, tech-savvy population and that five out of seven African unicorns exist in his country.

Evan Freeman and Dr. Usman on LBC 2023

Telling us about the Nigerian government’s ambitious blockchain goals, he says that the aim is to train 500,000 blockchain experts by the end of 2024, and the objective is to add a further million developers. His agency partners with the BSV Blockchain Association to deliver on these goals.

At the end of the session, Freeman does a live demonstration of issuing educational certificates on the blockchain. He uses Buzzmint to do so, showing just how fast, easy, and inexpensive it is to create permanent records of educational attainment on the world’s most powerful utility blockchain.

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