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Blockchain consultancy Elas looks to Teranode as highlight of upcoming London Blockchain Conference 2024

The London Blockchain Conference 2024 is just around the corner, with a new home of ExCeL London to accommodate its exponential growth and future vision. Last year, the event was a success, with thousands of delegates and innovative achievements in blockchain technology on display, setting the stage for an even bigger and better installment in 2024.

Elas is a blockchain consultancy company with a particular focus on BSV blockchain, working with customers spanning across many sectors. At London Blockchain Conference 2023, Elas and their customer Manufact presented a solution for identifying counterfeit goods in the luxury market by creating digital tokens of the items. This way, anyone can follow the product through the supply chain as it’s updated at each stage simply by scanning a code with their phone.

When asked what advancements have been made with Elas since London Blockchain Conference 2023, Founder Brendan Lee told CoinGeek its base capabilities are around ledger design and structure.

“I think we really have a good handle now on how to manage the creation of a private ledger for a private entity with a bulletproof chain of events recorded via the BSV blockchain,” he shared.

“The outcomes of using these techniques are now being enjoyed by our customers, including Tokenovate, Manufact, Buzzmint, and others,” Lee added.

While Elas’s presence at the London Blockchain Conference 2024 will be a bit more subdued than last year, it was a strategic decision due to busy delivery schedules for their customers.

“Only our COO, Mohammad Jaber, and Chief Engineer, Craig Porter, will be in attendance. I and other members of the team will be available via remote call,” confirmed Lee.

Despite his inability to attend personally, the London Blockchain Conference sessions will be streamed online, and Lee is looking forward to hearing from the Teranode team.

“Honestly, I can’t wait to see what the Teranode team will present,” he said.

“I think [Teranode] is the most important piece of infrastructure being worked on right now, and it is in the most capable hands yet to hold it,” Lee said.

“I worked on one of the earliest versions of the Teranode TX blaster with Esthon Medeiros (he did everything while I watched, haha) back in the hash war in 2018, and it’s been great to see that turn into something so crucial for network testing and validation,” he added.

Looking ahead after London Blockchain Conference and across the next year and beyond, the future looks bright, and Lee is confident Elas’s customers will see their products enhanced over the coming years.

“We have some very exciting ideas to leverage the power of the Bitcoin protocol on BSV, and I can’t wait to see them being used daily,” Lee said.

“I’d just like to say thank you to everyone I’ve met over the last eight years who have guided me in learning about Bitcoin, but more importantly, about how Bitcoin can be used to create things far beyond Bitcoin itself. We have barely begun to scratch the surface of what we can do,” he added.

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