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Bitstocks podcast delves into ‘re-emerging Atlantean times and cosmic memory’ with George Samuels

Faiā Managing Director and Honā founder George Siosi Samuels was the latest guest on Bitstocks podcast episode 42, titled “Bitcoin: Re-emerging Atlantean Times & Cosmic Memory.”

During the podcast, Samuels, who many people know as one of the individuals spearheading the project that will integrate blockchain technology into Tuvalu, and Bitstocks founder and CEO Michael Hudson talk about a variety of topics related to Bitcoin, community, culture, technology, and existentialism.

Although many people know Samuels from his work on the Tuvalu project, Samuels also plays significant roles at Faiā and Honā and goes into detail regarding what each of those businesses does as well as how Honā placed #1 at the Draper University pitch competition.

After talking about his background and how his interests and past experiences have inspired his current mission and ventures, Hudson and Samuels begin to explore community and culture on a global scale as well as at a philosophical level before delving into humanity and the Tuvalu project.

Episode 42 of the Bitstocks podcast is unique in that it touches on a variety of topics adjacent to Bitcoin; topics that are just as important as the technological aspects of Bitcoin such as culture and community, yet topics that are not discussed as much as the technology.

When I asked Samuel’s what he would want viewers of “Bitcoin: Re-emerging Atlantean Times & Cosmic Memory,” episode 42 of the Bitstocks podcast to walk away knowing, he said that four concepts really stand out in this conversation where you can find several nuggets of wisdom.

First, what we’re experiencing today has happened before (just in different times and ways). Therefore, learn from the past so you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel.

Second, opportunities are everywhere. Find the gaps, realize untapped potential.

Third, if we make technology our “god,” humanity may destroy itself unwittingly.

Lastly, the Pacific culture has much you can learn from when it comes to community, unity, and family. With this strong foundation in culture, trends like what we’re seeing in the NFT space will start seeing these cultural assets turn into prosperity for Pacific peoples.

If you happened to miss Bitstocks podcast episode 42, “Bitcoin: Re-emerging Atlantean Times & Cosmic Memory” with George Siosi Samuels, you can watch the full episode on the Bitstocks YouTube channel.

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