Bitstagram gets even better as all data size limits are removed

Bitstagram was created to harness the power of the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain and make data exchanges more powerful than ever.  Anything from simple text to videos can now be stored on the blockchain, giving Netizens the ability to create monetization channels for their creative efforts.  Now that the Genesis upgrade to BSV is complete and has proven viable, the application’s developer, unwriter, has taken the platform to a new level, stripping away any upper limits on the file size of what could potentially be uploaded.

Because Bitcoin SV (BSV) has always had the ability to scale on-chain, the blockchain was the ideal solution for a project that would see vast amounts of data being added.  Just like Genesis removed all block size limits, Bitstagram is following suit as unwriter hopes to see his hard work pay off.  He stated on Twitter yesterday, “I thought everyone was supposed to be uploading GB files after Genesis? Nobody seems to be doing it.  So we’re going to push.  As of today getting rid of ALL limits on Bitstagram.  1. Upload files as big as @money_button supports.  2. Upload ANY file (like PDF) and view on BitFS.”

Unwriter proceeded to offer a few examples of some of the work he has uploaded, including pdfs, pictures and more, and points out that he has seen a 475.65-kilobyte (KB) file in the list.  There are also a couple of video files, including the “Official Machete Trailer.”  It isn’t known whether or not that file was uploaded by Danny “Machete” Trejo, who recently announced his entry into Twetch and Money Button, or by a fan. 

Since announcing the removal of the Bitstagram cap, there appears to be more movement on the platform.  Responses to the initial tweet indicate that many have started testing the application, with some uploading files as large as 484KB. 

As with any new technology, supporting development has to be rolled out, as well.  Based on unwriter’s Twitter thread and some of the comments that have appeared, the restriction on uploading large, gigabyte-sized data doesn’t stem from Bitstagram’s limitations but, rather, wallets and other applications that need to allow for larger-sized transactions, as well.  Most wallets don’t allow for data uploads, only crypto transactions, and Money Button is the exception.  However, its internal structure currently limits the size of files that can be sent and, once the wallet’s developers open up the code, a lot more capability will be offered.

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