Bitcoin's Got Talent | Episode Three

Bitcoin’s Got Talent episode 3 features RecipeSV, Bittix and PayPresto

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Bitcoin’s Got Talent is back for its third episode, this time with four contestants who pitch their Bitcoin businesses to the panel of judges that includes Isaac Morehouse, Jack Liu, River, and special guest, Joshua Henslee.

In episode three, Chris Pellon (@KPDAD72 on Twitter) and Kevin Murphy (@InsideOut on Twitter) are the first team to present; the duo pitches their nascent bitcoin-business RecipeSV to the judges. Through RecipeSV, Murphy, who is a chef in New Orleans, and his business partner Pellon are looking to monetize the stay-at-home cook and all of their recipes. 

The judges tell Pellon and Murphy why they think RecipeSV is unique and valuable, as well as where it may fall short. 

Tony Ciulla takes the virtual stage next to pitch his idea for an NFT-ticketing system and marketplace he is calling Bittix. Bittix aims to solve some problems that traditional ticket marketplaces like StubHub, TicketMaster, and LiveNation currently have. Ciulla tells the judges why an on-chain system of NFTs is capable of solving these problems as well as unlocking value for events in ways that were not possible before.

At the end of Ciulla’s presentation, the judges offer him an opportunity to sell his first five tickets for Bittix; the tickets sold will allow five individuals to attend the live recording of Bitcoin’s Got Talent.

The final contestant on Episode 3, is BSV legend Aaron Russell, who many people know as ‘Libs’ on Twitter. Aaron pitches PayPresto, a payment platform that solves a lot of the problems that individuals building on BSV run into; and Aaron explains these problems by way of a very funny video.

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Episode three is significantly better than the previous episodes in terms of what BGT contestants bring to the table as well as how the judges critique the businesses that are pitched.

“If the stuff that happened [in] the last two-three weeks [didn’t happen, then I don’t think] that it would have been this way,” Henslee said. “I think that people are leveling up and seeing what needs to be done now based off of what’s been happening.”

Innovation in Bitcoin is happening at a rapid pace. There are now more Bitcoin tools and resources available for individuals to capitalize on, as well as learn from in regard to where Bitcoin may need some of its gaps filled. Thanks to these tools, resources, and protocols—many of which have popped up in the last month—people are able to better deliver apps, products, and services that consumers and enterprises can benefit from.

You can watch episode three of Bitcoin’s Got Talent, as well as the previous two episodes of BGT on the Bitcoin’s Got Talent YouTube channel.

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