Bitcoin’s first charity token

$CUB token is BSV’s very first charity token. While many blockchain enthusiasts are capitalists that are building for-profit solutions that solve the world’s most pressing problems in inefficient industries, the $CUB founders took a slightly different approach and have decided to donate a majority of their profit to charity.

“We were inspired to start $CUB after see all these coins on BSV that didn’t really give back in any way. We wanted to be the first coin on the blockchain to donate most of our earnings to charity. 70% of all profits go to charity,’ said @Bitcoinassassi7, the co-founder of $CUB.

“We wanted to help those in need and be 100% transparent using the BSV blockchain. One of our founders is a quadriplegic. Another lost a child early in life. I’m a US Army veteran. So between the makeup of all our personalities. It only seemed right to make it a charity coin.”

$CUB uses the BSV enterprise blockchain as the immutable timestamp mechanism to record its donations and make them verifiable on-chain. The idea of giving back also aligns with the ethics of the three co-founders of $CUB and the life experiences each of them has had.

As of August 1st, the $CUB token team had raised 23.86 BSV and has donated 17.2 BSV total to three separate charities; 3.8 BSV to @GKTWVillage which is a nonprofit resort for kids with critical illnesses, 2.3 BSV to @DAVHQ, a charity for Veterans, and 11.1 BSV to @hermansanchezg, an official partner of $CUB that does charity work in Venezuela.

To support the $CUB team’s mission of making verifiable on-chain donations, you can become a $CUB token holder which will send BSV to the $CUB teams treasury. $CUB launched on RelayX decentralized exchange (REX) under the ticker symbol $CUB on July 4th–roughly two weeks after the $CUB project launched.

“We are always looking for new charities to donate to. We would like to keep most of the charity donations in the BSV community,” said @Bitcoinassassi7.

“We are trying to help people in need using BSV. We want to be 100% transparent, and we are hoping we can be the leader of blockchain charities and inspire others to do the same.”

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