Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee to host introductory webinar

Bitcoin SV is fast becoming the public blockchain of choice, providing developers and entrepreneurs with the technical platform to build the world-changing apps of tomorrow. Now, the Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee is hosting a free webinar to look at how technical standards are pushing excellence and enhancing utility for blockchain developers.

Titled “Introducing Bitcoin SV Technical Standards,” the webinar event is set to take place on April 21 at 7 p.m. CEST (1 p.m. EDT). The session is aimed at application and infrastructure developers, businesses operating in the digital asset space, public and government institutions with an interest in blockchain tech, and regulators and standard-setting organizations in and around the blockchain space.

The event is presented by nChain CTO Steve Shadders, who will open, close and chair the event. After his introductory welcome, Alex Fauvel of Two Hop Ventures will set out the role of the Technical Standards Committee and the process of standardization in driving greater utility for blockchain developers.

The Technical Standards Committee’s roadmap will be presented by James McLeod, CTO at The Hopper, in a session that will look at where the committee is heading in terms of developing a coherent set of standards for interoperability of Bitcoin SV apps.

Finally, a Q&A session will open up the floor to questions from delegates, chaired by Angus Brown, co-founder of Centbee, giving a chance to put any questions to the team in real-time. The event is then rounded off with closing remarks from Steve Shadders to further contextualize the work of the committee.

The event also provides insights into the roadmap creation process, and describes how companies and other stakeholders can have a voice in the development of future technical standards.

With rapid progress in the Bitcoin SV community, both structurally and from the developers and entrepreneurs already building on the protocol, the webinar is a must-attend event for anyone looking to join the Bitcoin SV revolution.

Register to attend the Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee webinar here.

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