Bitcoin SV sees increased adoption with Exodus support

Bitcoin SV sees increased adoption with Exodus support

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If you put an undeniably great option in front of consumers, they’ll vote for it with their wallets. After Bitcoin SV (BSV) received full support from the Exodus wallet on February 6, the crypto saw a rally that put Bitcoin pretenders to shame.

AMBCrypto has followed BSV’s price this week, and declared that BSV saw “exponential growth” following its arrival in the desktop wallet. BSV rallied from $58.65 shortly before the news to $69.51 in a matter of hours, a 18.51% gain. It’s fell back slightly since then, but remains at a respectable $63.26, showing that the gains were real.

The outlet sees this as a rebound for BSV, following reports that illegal content had been uploaded to the BSV blockchain. Prior to Exodus’ announcement, they perceive that a drop in BSV price was due to the market taking caution against potential scandal in the BSV camp.

That view leaves out a lot of important information, however. bComm Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen quickly denounced the illegal act, and pointed out that the BSV community has methods of preventing further crimes, while helping bring the responsible parties to justice.

Furthermore, AMBCrypto is taking a very isolated look at the market if they think only BSV suffered this week. The entire market suffered, as the crypto market downturn continues on. For example, Bitcoin Core (BTC) was at $3,521 on Sunday, and is hovering near its weekly low of $3,420 now. Most cryptocurrencies suffered similar losses, while BSV’s increased adoption helped improve its price.

The story is as simple as that. More users got BSV put in front of them as an option with Exodus coming on board, and they voted with their dollars. They know that because of Bitcoin SV’s ability to massively scale on chain, it offers the cheapest, fastest, most secure transactions, and that’s a combination that can’t be beat. Unlike BTC, the BSV blockchain has proven that it can sustain big blocks, and won’t start having network problems when you need it most. BSV’s advantages are clear, and now more crypto fans are showing their support through increased adoption.

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