Bitcoin SV Developer Zone offers open platform to learn about working on BSV

Bitcoin Association has partnered with China’s largest software developer community to make it easier to build on Bitcoin SV. The association launched the Bitcoin SV Developer Zone to give developers a platform to educate themselves about building on the massively scalable BItcoin SV blockchain.

China has emerged as a global hub for blockchain development, with the number of developers building on Bitcoin rising rapidly. These developers will now have easily accessible resources available to aid in their Bitcoin development journey, following Bitcoin Association partnership with the Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN).

CSDN is the largest software developer in China, with over 31 million registered users. The platform partners with global giants such as IBM, Google and Amazon to provide all of the necessary resources to its users.

The newly created Bitcoin SV Developer Zone will host educational resources in the Chinese language for developers. These materials will be tailored to developers regardless of their expertise, from the novices who are just learning about Bitcoin to the experts who are seeking to delve further into the blockchain.

The developer zone will also incorporate video content to further enhance the learning process. Bi-weekly online lectures will begin later this month.

The two organizations will also jointly organize and produce the Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020: China in late August. With the recently-held inaugural Bitcoin SV DevCon having been a great success, developers from China will get an opportunity to enjoy the experience. The Chinese-language DevCon will be held over a two-day period, with some of the leading minds in the blockchain industry set to feature.

Founding President of the Bitcoin Association, Jimmy Nguyen remarked, “By working with CSDN, we hope to educate and inspire a new generation of Bitcoin script engineers in China, equipping them with the skillset required to use the power of Bitcoin’s original protocol and unlock the world of technical advantages it presents on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.”

China has been one of the biggest adopters of Bitcoin SV, with an ever-growing community of users and developers. With the partnership between the Bitcoin Association and CSDN, Lise Li, Bitcoin Association’s China Manager believes that the user base will continue to grow as a result:

“Not only are we satisfying the demand from our local userbase for new self-development and education opportunities, but we are providing a platform for developers across China to learn about this emerging technology and how it can be used to power new ideas and innovations.”

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