Bitcoin SV Devcon Day 2

Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021 Day 2 recap

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Day 2 of the Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021 picked up from the high energy and enthusiasm that the first day had ended on. It was yet another day with some of Bitcoin’s thought leaders and startup founders— including Rafael Jimenez, Hayden Donnelly, Matej Trampuš, David Case, and Xiaohui Liu—taking the stage to share their wealth of knowledge with the developers.

Host Steve Shadders opened the day’s sessions by welcoming the audience. Just as with Day 1, the speakers’ presentations would be followed by some time for the Q&A sessions. He also revealed that a big announcement would be coming at the end of the day.

Matej Trampuš was the first to take to the stage on the second day. Trampuš, co-founder and CTO of CREA, shared the stage with Shadders to talk about nano services and dust return transactions in Bitcoin SV. As the two shared, the Bitcoin SV Infrastructure Team has been hard at work to enable these functionalities. Dust return transactions in particular are meant to mitigate dustings attacks in which attackers aim to compromise the privacy of users who reuse their addresses.

HandCash co-founder Rafa Jimenez took the stage next and showed developers how to build their first app with the HandCash Connect SDK. He broke down how the HandCash Connect ecosystem allows users to access advanced developer tools, allowing a faster and easier app development process. It has also come up with its own unit of account, the duro, which equates to 500 satoshis.

In a step-by-step guide, he took the developers through the app development process by building a simple application of his own—the Duro Faucet on Twitch. This simple app would send 5 duro to any user who dropped their HandCash handle on a Twitch chat. Jimenez sought to show developers just how easy it is to build on Bitcoin with the HandCash Connect SDK.

Next on the virtual stage was Xiaohui Liu, the sCrypt CEO. Liu delved into smart contracts on Bitcoin and the importance of the OP_PUSH_TX opcode in Bitcoin Script. This opcode has finally made it possible to create a wide range of smart contracts previously not possible on Bitcoin, he told the audience. Liu would also demonstrate in a live setting the potential of the opcode.

Hayden Donnelly took the stage next to present yet another SDK, this time from ElectrumSV, a BSV wallet provider. His presentation focused on demonstrating to the developers how they can test applications in a Regtest development environment.

Regtest environments give developers more control of the app, he told the audience. “Regtest removes network latency from the equation entirely,” he added. He went on to demonstrate to the developers how they can create a regtest session and test their applications.

David Case, the FYX Gaming CTO also delved into yet another SDK upon taking the stage next, this time the FYX Gaming SDK. His company, most renowned for creating CryptoFights, is giving developers the ability to merge traditional games with blockchain seamlessly.

Shadders wrapped up the event, announcing that the Bitcoin Essentials stream on Bitcoin SV Academy had gone live. He also reminded the audience that the Bitcoin SV Hackathon will kick off on June 14, with $100,000 in BSV on the line.

He added, “The CoinGeek conference is also coming up in June and will be held in Zurich – I’ll be there presenting.”

The full livestream of Day 1 and Day 2 of Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021 is available to watch again on Bitcoin Association’s YouTube channel.

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