Bitcoin SV charity drive to help fight Australian bush fires

Australia has been ravaged by wild fires, with 27 dead, the natural habitats of many animals being destroyed, and damage being done to ecosystems that could take years to fix. While the public consciousness has been alerted to this calamity, the Bitcoin SV (BSV) community is stepping up to do their part, rallying to raise funds for the services that co do the most good.

On January 7, the BSV developer resource BSV/DEVS tweeted their call to action to help recover from the disaster.

Adding to this, Bitcoin Association Ambassador for Australia Eli Afram noted how easy it is to donate money to this good cause:

Afram had provided some additional comments exclusively to CoinGeek. This is a cause that means a lot to him, and he hopes the BSV community steps up to the plate. “I am hoping that the donations start coming in from BSV supporters worldwide,” he said. “Not only will this tremendously help fire fighters who have been working around the clock in dangerous conditions often without food and water, but also, it just may give BSV some very positive publicity in Australia. As we know, Bitcoin had a dark blotch on its history, but we can show BSVs positive effects and the greatness of the community. It’s a win/win.”

Afram went on to note how the BSV blockchain provides the transparency that many traditional charities simply don’t have. “The blockchain doesn’t lie,” he said. “We’ve divided every donation point to separate addresses that anyone can double check. The database is global, that’s the beauty of public blockchain. Where we send the money is also public. Therefore if we sell the BSV to an unknown address, then we can be questioned on that. Our intention is to be as transparent as possible. All such donations are also tax exempt meaning there’s no overhead on our part other than declaring what we’ve done.”

This has the two fold effect of being for a great cause, and also proving BSVs worth to the world. But the priority is in putting an end to this disaster. “I really hope we can raise something substantial,” he said. “I want the fires gone, and I want people to stand up and take notice of Bitcoin and the BSV community. It’s time people see the positive side of Bitcoin.”

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