Bitcoin SV Channel brings fun and positive crypto banter to Youtube

Bitcoin SV Channel brings fun and positive crypto banter to Youtube

Excitement for Bitcoin SV (BSV) is building, and one group have shown their excitement with a daily talk show. The Bitcoin SV Channel on Youtube offers daily live chats on everything BSV, and they’re really starting to hit their stride.

The channel started in December, and in just a couple of months’ time, they’ve reached nearly 900 subscribers. Every episode is hosted by ‘Bitcoin Tramp’, ‘Sir-Toshi’ and ‘CaptainBitcoin.’ They’re growing fast too, with approximately 20 new subscribers every day, leading one to remark on a recent episode “I think this show is actually going to grow with BSV.”

Each episode has a rundown of recent news, and a featured topic. They also banter with the chat, and occasionally take live calls.

A big get for the show has been a couple of guest appearances by nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright, who joined the show as recently as March 4 to chat about Metanet, the future of BSV, and recent news in the Bitcoin world. The interviews really let Wright have some fun with the boys, and provided fans an invaluable opportunity to ask questions of one of the most brilliant minds in the crypto world.

The channel isn’t without its trolls. On a recent episode, one showed up in the chat declaring that he was unimpressed with the recently rolled out bitstagram. Rather than shut down the commenter, the hosts welcomed it as a chance to discuss the topic, inviting more input on the topic and discussing what the future could bring to BSV blockchain development.

They aren’t limited to just a daily chat either. On February 6, they posted a live feed of a Brisbane Bitcoin SV meetup, with a presentation from Brendan Lee.

The channel is ad free, and supported only through BSV donations to the HandCash addresses of each of the hosts.

Even if you’re up to date on BSV news, their channel is well worth a listen. The enthusiasm, humor and intelligence the hosts bring to the discussion is infectious. BSV was born to be the world’s new money and revolutionize how we use the internet, and the hosts get it.

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