Centbee sparks widespread BSV adoption in South Africa with vouchers

Centbee sparks widespread BSV adoption in South Africa with vouchers

To acquire cryptos, one has to go through an exchange, or in the least, a peer-to-peer platform. While these methods are convenient to a point, in Africa, the crypto exchange industry isn’t as developed as elsewhere. This keeps some from getting their hands on cryptos. Not anymore.

Crypto wallet firm Centbee has launched a new and innovative method to acquire cryptos for South Africans. Users can buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) from all the leading retail stores in South Africa. These stores include supermarkets such as Pick n Pay, Shoprite, clothing stores such as Ackerman and hardware stores like Builders Warehouse.

The voucher system will not be limited to large retail stores. South Africans will be able to purchase BSV even at their local neighborhood stores. This is because quite a large percentage of these shops now use point of sale (POS) systems that allow them to accept electronic payments, including vouchers. This will ensure that even rural folk can join the BSV movement seamlessly.

And Centbee isn’t stopping there. Their CEO, Lorien Gamaroff, explained in a recent YouTube interview.

Centbee partnered with Pay@, a digital payments platform that serves an extensive network of retailers. Pay@ processes voucher payments at these outlets without necessarily knowing what the user is paying for.

To purchase BSV at a retail store, customers will be required to initiate a voucher on the Centbee application. The voucher will then generate a scan-able barcode. Then they just present the barcode at a retail outlet where it will be scanned. After handing the retailer the cash, the BSV tokens will reflect in the customers wallet.

Gamaroff explained:

“The beauty of it all is that the teller doesn’t have to handle any paperwork. All that they have to do is facilitate the digital payment from a service provider, and in this case, it’s Centbee to a retailer.”

Users who have tried the new voucher system have had nothing but praise for its simplicity and convenience. Some have taken to Twitter to spread the word. One user, Roley Brown stated:

YouTube video

Editor’s note: This article has been edited for clarity. Statements from Centbee CEO Lorien Gamaroff have also been added.

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