Bitcoin expert Brendan Lee tackles why BSV ‘is one to watch’ in enterprise space

Veteran Bitcoin researcher Brendan Lee is hosting a new free webinar, discussing the role of Bitcoin in enterprise cloud systems in 2020 and beyond.

Titled “Why Bitcoin Will Trump Blockchain For Enterprise Cloud in 2020,” the webinar will explore fundamental topics around the technology, building on the success of the first webinar back in October.

The online webinar, which will take place on November 27 from 7 p.m.-11 p.m. GMT+8, will explore what blockchain means, and its advantages and disadvantages in the context of applications. The session will also focus on how the bitcoin ledger can and is becoming the foundation of thousands of world-changing projects, built on Bitcoin SV (BSV).

Crucially, the session is aimed at being accessible to “non-Bitcoiners,” providing an essential grounding for decision-makers without demanding a prior technical understanding of BSV.

Lee, Head of Technology at Bitcoin SV-focused management consultancy Faiā, said the first webinar was a success, introducing concepts of data storage on the bitcoin blockchain, and how knowledge can be used to build influence on bitcoin-powered platforms.

 The webinar first explored what Bitcoin is at a fundamental level, looking at the ideas of the network, ledger, unit of account and protocol and how they go together as a system. We then looked at the nature of data and what it means to store data to create information, and how to then build information into knowledge and some of the ways in which Bitcoin will help us to achieve that. We then looked at how knowledge can be used to build influence and at the rise of what are being called ‘micro-Influencers’, or people who have a reach of between 2000 and 100,000 people through social media. We then did 3 case studies on platforms available today for Bitcoin SV which were, and

The webinar proved popular, with as many as 30 people joining at its peak.

“The feedback was very positive with many indicating they would come back for the next one. Some people asked for us to look further into the future, however we tried to stay with facts rather than opinions for this one,” Lee said.

Register to join the free online webinar here.

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