Join Brendan Lee in first-ever ‘The Future of Business’ free webinar

Join Brendan Lee in first-ever ‘The Future of Business’ free webinar

Consumer data is the basis of online advertising. A market dominated by Google and Facebook, the current model provides no effective mechanism for users to take control over and monetize their own data.

Bitcoin is already changing this paradigm, with microtransactions on Bitcoin SV (BSV) allowing users to regain ownership and control of their data assets. Now, veteran Bitcoin researcher and Head of Technology at Bitcoin SV aligned management consultancy Faiā, Brendan Lee, is hosting a free webinar—The Future of Business: From Microinfluencers to Microtransactions—to explain how this works.

According to Faiā’s event website, the webinar will focus on how individuals, or “microinfluencers,” can benefit from BSV microtransactions for managing their data.

The webinar will take you through the basics of Bitcoin, how the use of Bitcoin (BSV) micro-transactions can enable new business models to emerge, and how it gives power to individuals (e.g. micro-influencers) through having the freedom to own and monetize their own data.

Lee said the presentation would help those new to bitcoin to better understand how they can use their data to make money through microtransactions.

Founder and CEO at Coinstorage, Lee also serves as the training and development manager at the Bitcoin Association. A respected voice in the Bitcoin SV community, Lee has been working extensively on raising awareness of bitcoin and its applications, beyond simple peer-to-peer transactions. He tells CoinGeek:

The main idea for the webinars will be to present to people (especially non-Bitcoiners) relevant information about what Bitcoin is, how they can leverage it into their products and workflows, and why BSV should be their choice for an enterprise ledger system going forward. This first webinar will focus on microtransactions and how they can be leveraged through Bitcoin/the Metanet into creating business models and building influence both locally and globally.

While low fees and fast settlement for international payments is a significant use case for Bitcoin, Lee emphasizes the value of “building the knowledge base” for Bitcoin, and achieving “feature parity” with apps currently available online.

A hugely respected figure in the bitcoin community, the event will prove popular with those keen to learn more about the benefits of microtransactions.

The webinar, happening on Oct. 30 at 7 p.m.-8 p.m. GMT+8, is free to attend with an online RSVP via the Faiā website.

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