Bitstocks podcast with Craig Wright returns for part 2

Bitcoin enters the picture: Bitstocks podcast with Craig Wright returns for part 2

The audience spoke very highly of part one and now part two of the Bitstocks podcast episode 45 with Dr. Craig Wright is here!

On May 20th, the second half of the Bitstocks podcast featuring Dr. Craig S. Wright was released. The first half of this episode was released on May 13 and if you have not watched it yet, I highly recommend that you check it out before diving into part two of the episode. The end of part one sets the stage for the conversation that Bitstocks podcast host Michael Hudson has with Dr. Craig Wright.

Part two: where Bitcoin enters the picture

Unlike the first half of the episode that features Dr. Wright, inBitcoin’s Inventor Serves Copyright Case in UK Court – Dr. Craig Wright -Bitstocks Podcast Ep.45 Pt.2,” Dr. Wright and Hudson talked about a number of topics related to Bitcoin and blockchain.

Wright explained why he previously said “F*ck the community,” before he and Hudson discussed nChain’s patent strategy and the companies that Dr. Wright was worried about in regard to intellectual property interest.

“So nChain patents, the strategy that you have taken I am hyper-thankful for because Microsoft, IBM, and who knows who else,” Hudson said.

“Oh, they’re the easy ones, I wouldn’t worry too much about them,” Dr. Wright said. “I’d worry about Bank of America, some of the Chinese companies, plenty more to worry about.”

“Are you concerned or worried, or do you feel that you are way ahead in terms of being able to protect the intellectual interest of Bitcoin?” Hudson asked.

To which Dr. Wright answered, “It would be nice if people were able to understand my stuff a little bit more and listen to me.”

“I try to watch what’s happening and the majority of people are still stuck in these false ideas about Bitcoin as sort of this radical decentralization tool that will destroy governments and banks.”

The two also talked about triple-entry accounting, and how a case regarding stolen coins would play out from a legal perspective if the thief was required to return the stolen property to its original owner.

Hudson and Dr. Wright also explored a few esoteric topics like Pokémon, aliens, and the universe, before they discussed a blockchain-based voting system and a few questions that the audience had for Dr. Wright.

To learn what Dr. Craig S. Wright and Michael Hudson think about these matters and what the audience wanted to ask Dr. Wright, head over to the Bitstocks YouTube channel to watch the full episode:

YouTube video

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