Bitcoin Bootcamp premieres tonight, December 17

The CambrianSV Bootcamp in September was more than just a chance to get together and code. The unique gathering of 30 Bitcoin SV developers in Bali, Indonesia produced new connections between both the developers themselves and the BSV applications they were working on.  

A new 30-minute documentary telling the story of this unique event, Bitcoin Bootcamp, will premiere tonight, December 17 at 1 p.m. GMT, 8 a.m. EST, offering an intimate look at how BSV is driving some of the most creative developers to build apps to realize a new kind of economy based on the BSV blockchain.

The film, presented by CoinGeek and hosted by Charles Miller, provides an insider’s perspective on the  bootcamp. From the welcoming night to the daily talks, excursions to local attractions and the work of the bootcamp itself, you’ll experience everything the developers did during their week in Bali.  

It adds up to a great starting point for those who are new to Bitcoin and BSV, as well as offering fascinating coverage of the event for those already familiar with the ecosystem. Miller says he hopes to reach an audience beyond the existing BSV community: “We’ve tried to tell the story of this extraordinary get-together in a way that anyone can understand. We haven’t ducked the complicated questions around block rewards, transaction fees and hard forks, but I hope we’ve explained them as simply as possible, and mixed the education with the human side of the event—and some fun stuff about monkeys too!”  

The film provides a great insight into the thoughts, hopes and dreams of the brilliant minds of the BSV development community and a privileged peek into the projects they are developing. Hearing from the teams themselves, many for the first time, can’t help but build the viewer’s confidence in the long-term potential of BSV.

After seeing a preview of the film, CambrianSV organizers Jack Liu and Ella Qiang say it’s a video for Bitcoin fans and newbies alike. “It was a great look back and brought back some fond memories.” Liu said. “I think the viewer is going to have a lot of enjoyment finding out about the personalities behind these projects – and kind of how it all actually happens in BSV.”

Qiang added that the heart of the video really is in the people, and the bonds they create with each other. “This is not just about automation, it’s not just about technology or coding together, it’s about human connections,” she said.

For developers who couldn’t make it to Bali, Qiang notes that the application period for the next gathering, this time in Lisbon, Portugal, is already open. “It’s very exciting to see that almost half of the first Cambrian participants have applied again this time,” she said. “We’ve set the date from February 9 to 14, right before the CoinGeek London conference.”

February still feels so far away though, but the premiere of the Bitcoin Bootcamp documentary is tonight, December 17. Get another taste of the event that inspired a wave of developers to go out and build amazing things on BSV.

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