Bitcoin Association signs on Patrick Prinz to head Europe operations

The Bitcoin Association has appointed Patrick Prinz as its new Europe and Operations Manager. Prinz will spearhead the growth of enterprise Bitcoin SV initiatives across Europe while also catering to the global operational needs of the association.

Prinz brings a wealth of experience from the financial services industry. In his most recent role, he served with a global asset management group as a senior investment advisor. He has also worked with a strategy consulting firm where he advised international banks on how to adapt to new business models and shifting regulations.

Prinz discovered Bitcoin while working as an advisor on emerging technologies. At the time, he was concerned about the lack of development on the BTC blockchain which can’t scale. In time, he discovered that Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain protocol that fulfills Satoshi’s vision and design. With its ability to scale massively, BSV allows developers to build applications that have greater data capacity, are capable of micropayments and can incorporate smart contracts.

Prinz will also bring years of experience in the banking industry, having worked in corporate and investment banking. He has held roles at global giants including Citi and Deutsche Bank.

“I am thrilled to join Bitcoin Association to work with businesses and entrepreneurs to educate them on the transformative power which Bitcoin SV brings to the world,” Prinz said.

He further lauded Bitcoin SV for the opportunities it has handed developers, allowing them to finally build scalable applications on the Bitcoin blockchain.

“Bitcoin SV is finally fulfilling the potential that initially excited me about Bitcoin many years ago – to achieve efficiencies as the single public data ledger and micropayment system for the world. With scaling comes efficiency, and with efficiency come innovation and entrepreneurship,” he added.

Prinz joins the Association’s other regional managers, China’s Lise Li and Southeast Asia’s Ella Qiang. The two are overseeing the growth of enterprise use of Bitcoin SV in their respective regions, leading to a thriving ecosystem of business applications across Asia.

Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen welcomed Prinz, remarking, “He will also be a strong business voice for Bitcoin SV across Europe – with his financial services knowledge, effective communication skills, and passionate belief in Bitcoin’s true power.”

The hiring of Prinz represents another milestone for Bitcoin Associations, as it builds out its European presence after announcing earlier this year that it would transition to a non-profit association based out of Switzerland.

“Patrick will play an integral role in building out the operational infrastructure of our new headquarters in Zug, Switzerland. He brings with him a wealth of international business experience, which combined with his depth of knowledge around digital assets makes him an ideal person to be leading these initiatives for Bitcoin Association,” explained Nguyen.

“We have some exciting developments planned for our Swiss Association, so I’d encourage all of those interested in Bitcoin SV and the business ecosystem emerging around it to find out more about how they can get involved.”

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