Bitcoin Association appoints new Latin America ambassadors for BSV

Bitcoin Association appoints new Latin America ambassadors for BSV

The Bitcoin Association has announced a series of new appointments for their Latin American ambassadors for BSV, tasked with raising awareness about Bitcoin in Latin American markets.

The announcement follows similar appointments in recent weeks increasing Bitcoin advocacy in North America, APAC and European regions.

As the fastest growing blockchain ever, BSV is being increasingly used by developers worldwide, as the optimum platform for app development. The large block size and superior technology means Bitcoin is already surpassing BTC in daily transaction volumes.

Esthon Medeiros, founder and CEO of RioBlockchain, has been appointed to oversee Brazil, building on five years of experience working with Bitcoin and blockchain technology. With a 37 year career in IT, and authorship of an Amazon bestselling book on Bitcoin, Esthon will work with partners in the Brazilian market to raise awareness and educate the developer community on the benefits of BSV.

Maria Eugenia Lopez of Money Button has been appointed as ambassador to Argentina. The Buenos Aires based user experience designer teaches at the University of Buenos Aires, and has a long track record of work within the BSV community. A BSV ambassador, Lopez will be responsible for raising the profile of BSV amongst developers in the country.

The new ambassador to Panama is Attila Arros, CEO of MatterCloud. A 2019 BSV Hackathon finalist, Arros is an accomplished BSV developer, currently growing his new project, a BSV blockchain platform for developers. Arros will be responsible for developing the bitcoin community in Panama, and working with interested parties to promote the benefits of BSV.

Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen welcomed the appointments, hailing the move as the next step in the growth trajectory of BSV worldwide.

“With such tangible growth on the BSV blockchain, the Bitcoin Association is taking a more micro focus for adoption. As it becomes increasingly clear that only BSV scales to real business levels, we are now laser-focused on areas where we can help BSV development more directly in specific geographic regions, in native languages, and offer local representatives.”

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