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Bitcade London highlights: Bringing together professionals in the blockchain, gaming and payments space

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On February 8, CoinGeek’s Bitcade event series struck again in London’s trendy Shoreditch, bringing together dozens of professionals in the blockchain, gaming, and payments space.

The first CoinGeek Bitcade took place in Miami in June 2022, followed by Warsaw, London, Manila, Palm Beach, London again, and the next up alongside the London Blockchain Conference in late May/early June.

Alex Moon, CoinGeek’s Head of Marketing—and one of the Founders of the CoinGeek Bitcade concept—is a big believer in showing vs. telling the world how blockchain tech will improve how we do things digitally.

“The purpose of this evening is to showcase the power of nanotransactions on BSV through games that are built on top of the BSV platform,” shared Moon.

“CoinGeek Bitcade was designed to give people an entertaining opportunity to activate, play games, network, and basically just see what’s possible with the chain,” he added.

On the night, guests were presented with an opportunity to try out Haste Arcade‘s “Jump” and “Monsterbomb” games and more mainstream titles such as “Fortnite” and “Counterstrike” via Tegment, which overlays Bitcoin payments.

“We’re showing ‘Jump’ and we’re showing ‘Monster Bombs’. Those games are designed so that you play different levels—you can play 1 cent, 10 cents, a dollar, or a hundred dollars—and if you get high enough on the leaderboard, every time someone else plays the game and can’t beat your score, you get paid out directly into your HandCash wallet,” Moon explained.

Moon is describing the “ILP” concept coined by the Haste Founders and stands for “Instant Leaderboard Payout. “These payouts are obviously instant and often relatively small, a process that can only be carried out using the BSV blockchain due to its scalability and incredibly low transaction fees.

“What intrigues me about blockchain is the fact that you can earn money from gaming,” shared Bitcade guest and Twitch Streamer Victoria.

“It’s a great incentive to get people involved. It’s great to get more of the older generation into gaming as well or people who just have spare time that just want to make a little bit money,” she said.

“It’s amazing the fact that you can now take a game that’s widely popular across the world, and then you can earn money from that,” she added.

For David Foderick, the CTO of CarStash and Cohort Four member of BSV Blockchain startup incubator Block Dojo, attending the Bitcade was an eye-opening experience and an effective way for him to see BSV in action.

“I see a huge opportunity in obviously monetization, the incentivization of playing, and I guess opportunities for people to both play, earn and also spend and create a cyclic economy within the digital realm,” he said.

One of the evening’s sponsors was Vaionex‘s Tegment, also a sponsor for the upcoming Bitcade during the London Blockchain Conference, with CMO Adam Bishop in attendance on the night.

“Shooting games are probably one of the largest, most compatible games with the blockchain because you have an obvious action and then a reward for such an action,” Bishop pointed out.

“We can overlay Bitcoin payments on Fortnite, Counterstrike, Apex Legends, FIFA, Valorant, any of these world-class popular games,” he revealed.

“On we also have the competitions and the leaderboard, so every month you can have a counterstrike competition where it’s a free shooting game and the players who have the highest number of kills, they win the reward for the competition,” Bishop added.

Bitcade guest Nadir described his experience on the night as “definitely exciting,” and in particular, he enjoyed what Tegment had to offer.

“I think there’s a bit of a social component to it. The vibe’s been pretty chill and relaxed, which is great, and I’ve enjoyed playing Fortnite, which is really cool,” he said.

“The ability to play and earn on a large scale is something that’s a gap. Given that BSV can fill that, I think it could definitely be interesting to see,” Nadir said.

“Blockchain is universal with the things you can do with it. In general, I think it’s so far-reaching that anything can basically use blockchain, so very interested to see where it goes,” Operations Analyst and Bitcade guest James added.

While gaming is just one of the many industries that are set to be transformed by blockchain tech, as pointed out by James, it’s an industry that everyone of all ages can relate to and have fun while doing it.

“It could be massive if you can get people involved and you can get big gaming sites, so people on Twitch or on YouTube, all coming together,” Victoria proposed.

“At the end of the day, everyone wants to game and it’s something you can do in your free time, and if you earn money, it’s going to be a great add-on,” she said.

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