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Editorial 23 January 2024

To prove a negative in COPA v. Wright

COPA has a chance to win the case if it can provide a convincing negative proof that would invalidate Dr. Wright's identity claim, which would be impossible to find if he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

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Editorial 17 January 2024

The mystery of 26.9 BTC paid to the Genesis block

The 29.6 BTC security deposit to the Genesis block had many suspect it could be from Dr. Craig Wright and was made for core developers, creating an air of peculiarity that is hard to put aside.

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Editorial 15 January 2024

Satoshi’s secret in the Genesis block

While the answer to the mysterious transaction in the Genesis block has yet to be revealed, the technicalities of how the block and transaction were made only cement Satoshi as the one behind them.

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Tech 10 January 2024

IPv6 Bitcoins-Certified Addresses

Creating one's address and verifying ownership have gotten simpler with the Bitcoin-Certified Addresses, a new technique that binds IPv6 to hosts' public keys at a reduced cost.

Dr. Craig Wright walking outside of a building
Business 8 January 2024

The key in COPA v. Wright

Before the upcoming trial in February 2024, the Crypto Open Patent Alliance might craft arguments to cause confusion on Satoshi Nakamoto's identity, and among them may be done by arguing that Wright is not Satoshi.

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Business 2 January 2024

Is Bitcoin decentralized?

While BTC has a higher hash rate that makes it more secure to a hash attack, it does not equate to it being more decentralized due to its lack of scalability and the absence of P2P transactions.

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Editorial 15 November 2023

Bitcoin must have utility before it can become anything

BTC’s ‘consumption of energy’ has no objective foundation; it is not the consumption of energy that determines the price, but the other way around, that is, BTC price drives its energy consumption.

Dr. Craig Wright on a stage
Editorial 13 November 2023

Cases co-pending with COPA v. Wright

If the COPA v Wright case comes out in Dr. Craig Wright’s favor, he would likely also win the other cases on derivative rights, such as copyright and database rights.

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Business 18 October 2023

Introducing Asset Layer v2 with Unity

The Asset Layer v2 update includes major improvements for developers catering to the massively growing gaming vertical, like email-based login, interoperable cross-game currencies, and more.