Are you ready for CoinGeek NYC? Download these conference essentials

CoinGeek New York is finally here! The event, which takes place at the Sheraton New York Times Square on October 5-7, will attract a special roaster of speakers and tens of thousands in attendance, both live and virtually. To fully enjoy the experience, here are the three essentials (other than a love for Bitcoin).

The first is CoinGeek Conferences, a mobile app that allows you to interact with the event from the comfort of your home. The app is available on Google’s Play Store and the Apple App Store

Are you ready for CoinGeek NYC Download these conference essentials 1
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Are you ready for CoinGeek NYC Download these conference essentials 2
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Once you download the app, you can easily register for CoinGeek New York and connect with fellow Bitcoin fans online. The app contains all the information on what’s taking place within the event, keeping you up to date regardless of your location. This includes a detailed outline of the sessions taking place, from the solo presentations to the panels as well as the speakers, who in this edition range from Dr. Craig Wright to economist George Gilder. 

As the Bitcoin ecosystem grows, it becomes more pertinent to connect with like-minded people, and the CoinGeek Conferences app will help you to do this. Its in-app messaging feature allows you to interact with what’s taking place in the event and the ecosystem at large. 

In addition, you can connect your Twitter account and live-tweet the event directly from the app. You can also check out what the other Bitcoiners are sharing on social media. The app also feeds you the latest news from conveniently in-app.

The Omniscape XR app will also come in handy during the three-day event. Developed by Transmira, a leader in AR and VR fusion on the blockchain, the app introduces its users to a bold new world of experiential reality (XR). 

The app has proven vastly popular on previous CoinGeek events. It allows the users to scan their surroundings for 3D objects, “kind of like playing Pokémon GO, but with an economic incentive,” as Head of BSV Hub – China Lise Li described it.

Are you ready for CoinGeek NYC Download these conference essentials 3
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Once you download the app on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, you will be required to input your HandCash account or your Paymail address. This will be the address to which BSV collected in giveaways throughout the event will be sent to. There’s a total of $5,000 in BSV set to be given out to the app users in random drops over the three days.

Are you ready for CoinGeek NYC Download these conference essentials 4
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What’s more, you get to vote for your favorite projects in the Bitcoin SV Hackathon. The three finalists will present their projects to an elite judge’s panel on Day 1 of the conference and your vote will play a role in determining who’s crowned the winner on Day 3. 

To make the event even more engaging, CoinGeek New York will be available on 6Connex, a leading platform for virtual environments. Just get your virtual ticket here for free to be part of the experience. In addition, the winner of the 6Connex leaderboard—powered by Haste—will walk away with $1,000 in BSV.

Don’t miss out! Get ready and register here for the eighth CoinGeek Conference.

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