Primary Bitcoin BCH developer: BCH's future is unstable and uncertain

Bitcoin ABC developer: BCHABC’s future is unstable and uncertain

When Bitcoin Cash (BCH) conducted its hard fork last November, Bitcoin SV (BSV) emerged as the only cryptocurrency that understood, and followed, the original design of cryptocurrency. Many didn’t believe that BSV held a place in the crypto hierarchy, but the digital currency’s supporters saw what most didn’t—BCHABC was too far removed from what crypto was meant to be and something had to be done to ensure that digital currency was able to continue along its rightful path. It now appears that the true crypto believers—those that see BSV for what it truly is—were right, as even one of the most respected BCH developers acknowledges that BCH has lost its direction. 

In a Reddit post from a few days ago, Deadalnix, one of the strongest supporters of BCH and a regular contributor to the blockchain’s development, stated, “For better or worse, we are back to square-1, where a lot of the road building is voluntary. The good news is that many actors from phase 2 went away (thought [sic] not all), but the risk obviously is that we may not retain all the talent.

“In the meantime BTC [Bitcoin Core] and BSV are building roads. We may not like where these roads are going, but they are being built. BCH’s road are being built, but it’s not clear how sustainable it is and how resistant it will be against the next takeover.”

Bitcoin Cash emerged because Bitcoin Core had lost its direction. Now, one of the most prominent members of the BCHABC community publicly admits that BCHABC has done the same thing. The only cryptocurrency adhering to the original Satoshi Vision is BSV. All others have morphed into something completely different, ignoring the fundamental basis upon which the entire concept of cryptocurrency was built. 

This should be an eye-opener to many in the crypto community. BSV is not about creating “just another digital token.” Rather, it is prevailing because it keeps Bitcoin alive. Its supporters don’t allow the blockchain to be manipulated by a small circle of individuals that ignore the wishes of the community for their own self-serving purposes—they understand the true concept of digital currency and are determined to see it flourish as such. 

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