AnkerPay co-founder: ‘Popular demand’ prompts BSV listing on digital wallet

South Africa’s AnkerPay digital asset wallet recently announced it has added support for BSV. CoinGeek reached out Les Vorster, co-founder of AnkerPay, to learn more about the company’s products and its future plans for Bitcoin SV.

AnkerPay is a South Africa based digital asset wallet, point-of-sale, and ATM provider. Individuals can buy and sell their digital currencies at AnkerPay ATMs and merchants can use the AnkerPay point of sale system to accept digital currency as a payment method.

The AnkerPay digital asset wallet currently supports 11 digital currencies. Although AnkerPay is a relatively new digital currency wallet, it has received over 1,000 downloads in the first quarter of 2020. In addition, the AnkerPay wallet has an in-app exchange that allows users to seamlessly swap one digital currency for another, and thanks to a partnership with Changelly, AnkerPay users can make in-app digital currency purchases via credit card.

Our conversation with Vorster

What made you decide to support BSV?

“AnkerPay believes that our users deserve to have access to the top tier cryptocurrencies. Especially people in the developing world should have access to the future of payment, they are also the ones that have the greatest need for solutions that cryptocurrencies have to offer,” Vorster said.

Digital currencies can significantly benefit individuals in developing countries. People in developing countries often receive remittance payments from family members who live abroad, and digital assets can reduce the cost of making those remittance payments as well as allow payment settlement to happen at a faster rate. BSV happens to be the best digital currency to use for making payments.

Recently, Anypay, the Bitcoin service provider that makes it easy for merchants and consumers to use Bitcoin in commerce, published a blog post and a follow-up video explaining why BTC is unattractive as a payment option, and why BSV is economically the better digital currency.

Do the AnkerPay point-of-sale systems and AnkerPay ATMs support BSV? 

“Currently, BSV is supported in the AnkerPay wallet because of popular demand. Similarly, BSV could be found on other modules of the network in the future,” Vorster said.

At the moment, only the AnkerPay wallet supports BSV, but by the looks of it, there is a strong chance we will see BSV support on the AnkerPay POS and AnkerPay ATMs in the future. BSV integration into the AnkerPay PoS and ATMs would give merchants the ability to accept BSV as a payment method and digital currency users the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin at the AnkerPay ATMs located throughout South Africa.

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