South Africa’s AnkerPay wallet adds support for BSV

Ankerpay, the South Africa based digital asset wallet, point-of-sale, and ATM provider, has recently announced that the AnkerPay wallet supports Bitcoin SV (BSV). 

The AnkerPay Wallet, a new BSV onramp

The AnkerPay wallet supports 11 digital currencies and has an in-app exchange feature that allows users to easily swap one digital currency for another.

The in-app digital currency swap feature is an asset to the Bitcoin ecosystem because it gives many individuals a new way to enter (or exit) Bitcoin. Many digital asset exchanges do not support BSV, and the ones that do throttle user access to Bitcoin by requiring an unreasonable amount of transaction confirmations before the user can deposit or withdraw their funds. Now that AnkerPay supports BSV, AnkerPay wallet users can easily swap the cryptocurrencies that they already hold for Bitcoin via the AnkerPay Wallet. 

CoinGeek reached out to the AnkerPay team with questions regarding how many digital currencies AnkerPay supports, the transaction fees for AnkerPay’s in-app exchange, and to see if the AnkerPay Point of Sale system and AnkerPay ATM’s support BSV. Stay tuned for that interview!

Where is AnkerPay available?

The AnkerPay wallet is available on iPhone and Android and supports multiple languages. Thanks to a partnership with Changelly, AnkerPay users can make in-app digital currency purchases via credit card. In addition, AnkerPay users can receive up to up to 35% in referral fees when they onboard others to the platform.

If you are looking for a new digital currency wallet, you may want to give AnkerPay a try. If you are a business owner, you may be interested in using AnkerPay’s digital currency Point of sale system. And if you are located in South Africa, be on the lookout for AnkerPay’s digital currency ATMs.

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