Expo-Bitcoin International 2019: All-star lineup of Bitcoin speakers

All-star lineup of Bitcoin speakers coming to Expo-Bitcoin International 2019

The Expo-Bitcoin International 2019 is set to bring the top minds of the Bitcoin world to Bogotá, Colombia, between June 19 and 23. With the aim of uniting the world into one peaceful revolution of Bitcoin, the conference has an agenda that all the most important elements of the technology.

Day 1 will be focused on the original vision of Bitcoin, now championed by Bitcoin SV (BSV). It kicks off with a 10:00 a.m. address from the Founding President of the Bitcoin Association, Jimmy Nguyen. The rest of the day will feature some of the top minds of BSV, including CEO of Money Button Ryan X Charles, CEO of Centbee Lorien Gamaroff, CEO of Handcash Alex Agut and nChain’s Chief Technology Officer Steve Shadders, amongst others. The day wraps up with a panel discussion of all the speakers, a can’t miss event.

The 20,000 expected attendees are set to see the creator of Bitcoin himself, Dr. Craig Wright on Day 2. He will be speaking to the audience at 5:05 p.m., preceded by another important figure in the BSV world, CEO of Bitstocks Michael Hudson. The two will join the rest of the speakers of the day for the 5:50pm panel discussion titled “Bitcoin vs Altcoins.”

On Day 3, co-founder of Centbee Angus Brown will take the stage, and Nguyen and Wright will return to speak once again. All three are likely to take the side of regulation in the closing panel titled, “Bitcoin: Regulation or Unregulation, what is the wisest path.”

Day 4 will have a focus on Graph theory, an important topic to the BSV blockchain, and Wright, Hudson, Charles and Memo CEO Jason Cavannes will be speaking to the crowd. You can expect to see the speakers in the final panel, “Human networks and computer networks: New economy and informational resources.”

The Metanet will be the focus of Day 5, and that means you can expect to see the top minds of BSV once again. Wright, Nguyen, Shadders, Gamaroff, Charles and Agut will return, and they’ll all take the stage for the final panel, “How is the Metanet society in 20 years.”

That’s an all-star lineup of speakers, talking about the most important aspects of Bitcoin today. If you can make it to Bogotá, tickets are 40% off if you can get them during the pre-sale.

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