Alexander Shulgin gives insight into latest global BSV campaigns

YouTube video

In 2008, before digital currency was considered a serious economic option, Alexander Shulgin was already campaigning for electronic money. The man, known to many as Sasha, envisioned a world where physical cash would essentially become obsolete and has written a number of papers over the years on cashless societies that would help reduce the world’s reliance on paper money. When Bitcoin came along, and, more specifically, Bitcoin SV (BSV), Shulgin realized that his predictions were coming true, and he has become a huge supporter of BSV on the global stage. The pioneering blockchain entrepreneur participated in a panel discussion about the evolution of blockchain at this past February’s CoinGeek London event, and Johanna Botta caught up with him after the talk to find out more about what he’s been up to. 

Over the years, Sasha has been dedicated to expanding awareness of blockchain’s potential and the introduction of BSV as the original Bitcoin provides a “platform that only BSV now offers.” Because of his level of enthusiasm, and his serious dedication to the brand’s awareness, Shulgin became the Bitcoin Association ambassador to Russia late last year. That role was then expanded to encompass Russia, the Central Independent States and all Russian-speaking communities. 

Continuing his efforts to show how BSV, as both a blockchain and a digital currency, can create better, more efficient operations, Shulgin has been busy meeting with different organizations to present the facts and demonstrate the solution’s capabilities. Among some of his more recent activities, he has met with both the head of tourism in Russia, as well as Russian sports entities, and has seen an enormously positive response. 

Shulgin continues to work with these organizations, as well as others, to further explain the benefits of blockchain adoption. Specifically, BSV has capabilities that no other solution can offer because of its unlimited scaling potential, coupled with the fact that the protocol is now cemented in place. While developers working on other blockchain projects continue to change the code, making those alternatives less stable for business operations, BSV is now able to be adopted without concern on the part of enterprises that they may need to go through a major change in the future. 

In terms many can understand, the top blockchain solutions are going through the Windows 98-to Windows ME-to Windows 2000 process that required all sorts of changes on the part of businesses over the course of just a couple of years. BSV has successfully been able to avoid all that, which is why the platform is an ideal solution for enterprise adoption. 

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