Alex Fauvel talks work with Two Hop Ventures

Alex Fauvel talks work with Two Hop Ventures, BSV Technical Standards Committee on CoinGeek Backstage

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On this episode of CoinGeek Backstage, Patrick Thompson caught up with Alex Fauvel, founder and General Partner of Two Hop Ventures, on the sidelines of the CoinGeek Conference in Zurich.

Fauvel begins by describing a typical day at work for him, which centers around a lot of hardcore technical research. Fauvel said he reads a lot of papers about digital currency and the industry from a technical perspective, as well as keeping up with developments from a finance perspective. He has a particular focus on things like the legal process going on with Tether, what Dr. Craig Wright is up to, and keeping up to date with what regulatory changes are emerging for the sector and how they might impact the firms Two Hop invests in.

On securing potential investors for his fund, Fauvel said it is very difficult at the moment because BSV has a bad reputation in the digital currency and blockchain sectors, tainted by its association with BTC. He said generally, crypto Twitter doesn’t matter to the growth of the sector because Two Hop are looking for enterprise and high net worth individuals—those who are looking to get exposure to technology that works, and solves problems in the real world.

As the only independent fund investing solely in BSV based businesses, he said Two Hop was looking for startups generating revenue early on to pitch to investors who understand blockchain and how the BSV enterprise blockchain fits into the wider ecosystem.

He said Two Hop had been looking into investing in wallet providers and token protocols in recent months, but that it was expecting to move more towards services for developers that allow easier integrations of blockchain tech.

A founding member of the Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee, Fauvel said the body has produced processes for developing the standards so enterprises can feel comfortable they can integrate blockchain into existing and new processes, and integrate the tech with all other apps they might be using.

YouTube video

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