Alex Agut talks nano-payments on The Crypto Vigilante

YouTube video

HandCash CEO Alex Agut was the latest guest on The Crypto Vigilante, a show hosted by Rafael LaVerde that provides unadulterated insight into digital currency networks.

In this episode, the two took a deep dive into HandCash’s vision and focus. Agut explained how he got into Bitcoin, why he went over to BCH during the Segwit debacle, and why he and the team at HandCash ultimately went to BSV when the BCH split took place. Agut also discussed nano-payments and his vision for HandCash.

“We basically want to become the money for apps and games, we are focused on apps and games, we are not focused on retail payments or buying stocks or token trading or any of those things. We want to become the ecosystem for apps that use nano-payments,” said Agut before LaVerde went on to ask him what a nano-payment actually is.

“I know everyone’s heard of micropayments and satoshi’s, but what is this nano-payment that you are talking about?” LaVerde asked Agut.

To which Alex Agut answered, “We realized we had to come up with a new word for the kind of payments that we were seeing because when you talk about micropayments, people already have in mind [that it is] a quantity between 1 and 10 dollars from my pocket to the developer.”

“[But] what we are doing is kind of a horizontal economy, where a lot of pennies are going around. For example, every time I tap this button on a game I am paying the developer half a cent and I am paying everybody in the ranking a few satoshis depending on their ranking on that game.”

“There are a lot of things like this, where you may be paying 100 people at the same time, but the whole transaction still might only be a couple of cents. So we had to come up with a word for payments that were under a dollar and high frequency in a horizontal economy, so we came up with this new word ‘nano-payments.’ We are the leaders in nano-payments; we created it for ourselves, we are leading it, and other companies are jumping into it which is great because it valuates our concept.”

Agut also talked about how HandCash is the easiest way to onboard newcomers to Bitcoin and Bitcoin apps, explaining the features on HandCash that nano-payments have enabled, what we can expect to see from HandCash in the near future, and why HandCash’s privacy is top-notch.

To learn more about HandCash’s vision, why they are optimizing for the nano-payment economy, why Agut once received a cease and desist letter from Google, and why he and his team chose to build their solution on Bitcoin SV and not BCH or Ethereum, you are going to want to watch the full episode on the Crypto Vigilante YouTube channel.

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