Alex Agut, Rafael Seibane talk HandCash Connect at CoinGeek London 2020

YouTube video

Bitcoin wallet HandCash announced the launch of Connect, a new BSV app platform, at the CoinGeek Conference in London.

HandCash CTO Rafael Seibane and CEO Alex Agut spoke to CoinGeek’s Hannah Jackson at the event, sharing insights into the new product and its benefits for app developers, as well as their future plans for developing the Bitcoin SV (BSV) ecosystem.

Connect was launched as an accessible platform for developers to build apps for Bitcoin BSV. In the interview, the pair discussed the difficulties currently facing blockchain developers, in terms of the complexities of building on current infrastructure.

While building for BSV is straightforward for skilled developers, HandCash Connect aims to open the playing field by removing these complexities for non-native BSV developers. According to HandCash, the platform aims to remove the complexities facing would-be developers, to allow more innovation and development from app creators.

The HandCash Connect platform allows developers to make use of the full range of technical capabilities of BSV, including features like instant payments and encryption, which can be easily integrated within apps built on the platform.

With Bitcoin native apps already on the increase, HandCash Connect said the aim was to make BSV even more accessible for developers without the BSV know-how or experience to take full advantage of these features, in support of developing new business models on the blockchain.

Discussing the company’s plans for the future HandCash said it was transitioning to become an app ecosystem. Originally starting life as a BSV wallet, Agut and Seibane said they were now looking to build out their ecosystem with a focus on helping developers make money, as well as creating better content for the blockchain.

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