Adam Kling on blockchain gaming: ‘With BSV, the multiverse can happen’

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As the founder and CEO of the new gaming platform company Kronoverse, Adam Kling could hardly be more upbeat about the prospects that the Bitcoin SV blockchain will unlock: “We haven’t seen anything like this in gaming—and it is sci-fi.”

The idea is that all your actions as a gamer will be recorded on the BSV blockchain. And that’s why BSV supporter, and owner of CoinGeek, Calvin Ayre, invested in Kronoverse earlier this year. Using BSV will transform all aspects of gaming, Adam believes.

“We need to innovate and evolve what games are,” he says. With BSV as a ledger of ownership and a medium of exchange, gamers can acquire and trade virtual items and can keep an identity across different games. “Gamers don’t really have the concept of item ownership. They don’t really get it yet.”

There’s still everything to play for in exploring what blockchain can offer: “We’re so new into this. There’s not really any big blockchain games out. I think in the next five years or so we’ll see what’s working and what’s not working.”

Kronoverse is a member of the Blockchain Game Alliance, and Adam is aware that big gaming companies like Ubisoft and EA are actively exploring the possibilities that blockchain offers: “They know the next evolution is the game multiverse, and how games are going to become more like social networks.”

Surprisingly, for all the bright prospects that BSV offers, Adam warns that mainstream gamers are “very taboo about blockchain. If you mention anything with blockchain, they usually have a chip on their shoulder about it.” As a result, Kronoverse won’t be boasting about its blockchain innovations to its end users: “Anything that deals with the cryptocurrency side really needs to be hidden from them, and they need to use it without knowing it.”

But it’s not just the players who will be using the blockchain on the Kronoverse platform. Developers will be able to set up smart contracts for their work so that, for example, they can offer a pre-made environment that someone building a game can use in exchange for a particular revenue model that’s set up in the contract.

“BSV unlocks a lot more features that can’t be on other blockchains,” Adam says, “and it’s going to be a lot cheaper and faster too.”

Adam is a self-confessed gamer himself: “Personally I like the competitive fighting games.” But it looks like he’s won’t have a lot of time to play now, as he’ll be fighting Kronoverse’s competitors in the real world.

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YouTube video

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