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A September to remember: Why Joshua Henslee thinks this will be an important month

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Joshua Henslee recently released a video to recap an active and interesting month so far in BSV. This includes some new applications, some of the upcoming releases, and the Granath vs. Wright trial.

What’s going on with the BSV ledger?

Henslee begins by talking about the increased transaction count on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) ledger. We recently experienced a new record of over 30 million daily transactions, which he reminds us is down to Relysia stress testing.

Henslee initially noticed some cracks because of this testing, but those have reduced over time, and some of the issues he experienced were easily solved. For this reason, he thinks there’s some merit to testing like this.

Looking at new applications, Henslee points out that La Mint launched this month. It’s an iteration of Relica meant for content creators. He’s impressed with it so far and says he’s becoming addicted to it. He notes that HandCash is once again at the forefront of this.

Moving on, Henslee also mentions Take It NFT. It’s an auction-style platform for non-fungible tokens produced by HasteLabs. As with some other Haste products, there are leaderboards, with top spenders earning positions on them.

Speaking of Haste, Henslee mentions they’re launching a game called Monster Bombs on September 20. This game will utilize Haste NFTs, too, and Henslee expects them to have utility in keeping with other Haste NFTs. He believes utility NFTs are the future, especially in games.

The Unbounded Capital Investor Summit in New York

Henslee tells us he was at the Unbounded Capital Investor Summit in New York recently. 

“It was amazing,” he said, detailing how the one-day conference was attended by about 100 people. The goal was to connect investors with companies that have already built something on BSV.

For Henslee, the biggest thing that stood out about the event was the engagement. Typically, conferences involve people on their smartphones and laptops, paying attention to anything and everything except what is going on. 

“This wasn’t like that,” Henslee said, saying that the quality of the questions showed that people were paying attention.

As well as BSV entrepreneurs, there were panels with family offices and investors, and even a former United States Treasurer was present. He says that some of the investors present concluded that everything other than BSV is going to zero.

“It’s a stark contrast to all the negativity that’s been going on all year,” Henslee concludes.

Granath vs. Wright – Henslee’s thoughts on the trial

At the time of this video recording, the Granath vs. Wright trial was on its first day. 

Henslee briefly recaps how we got here: Granath used the Twitter name HODLonaut to defame Dr. Wright, calling him a fraud, a liar, mentally ill, and other defamatory things. Dr. Wright subsequently sued him, and he responded by suing Dr. Wright to bring the trial to Norway. 

“That’s why he’s the plaintiff in this trial,” Henslee explained.

Henslee said he didn’t care about this trial until recently. He thought it was pointless and would be a waste of time. However, he has changed his mind for several reasons. One is that some BTC advocates are genuinely afraid and “freaking out” about it. This leads Henslee to believe there might be something to it.

Looking back at various trials and outcomes, Henslee says that Dr. Wright is slowly chipping away and winning. His enemies are beginning to realize they can’t get rid of him and slowly losing control of the narrative. Even Gregory Maxwell, who Henslee brands the “Chief Social Engineer” has stated that this trial has serious consequences for Bitcoin.

Wrapping up, Henslee said it will be a September to remember for many different reasons.

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YouTube video

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