Zybi Tech launches new apps to aid personal finances, currency trades

Zybi Tech launches new apps to aid personal finances, currency trades

On July 25, Philippines-based fintech company Zybi Tech announced that they had launched two new products that will be able to assist people in managing and tracking their finances. The two new applications, JuanCash and JuanExchange, are now available at both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

JuanCash is described by the company as an “all-in-one financial app,” which will provide a number of service options, including mobile prepaid loading, the ability to pay bills, as well as the ability to transfer money. A security system has been employed using QR code technology that will allow users to both send and receive money by providing a unique code for each transaction.

As part of the JuanCash platform, an additional product, known as JuanExchange, will be available. This product will act as a virtual currency exchange platform, allowing users to be able to trade cryptocurrencies using their e-wallet. Users will be required to create their own account or to use an existing e-wallet to conduct trades.

While JuanCash is available through the app stores, JuanExchange can only be downloaded by using the JuanCash app or by logging into the Zybi Tech website. Creation of an account with Zybi Tech will be required to download the application. Both of these new products have been accredited by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

On July 5, it was reported that the central bank was “lukewarm” on the idea of cryptocurrencies. When discussing Facebook’s new digital coin, Libra, the governor of the bank, Benjamin Diokno, seemed reluctant to throw his support behind digital assets. He explained that “We have to be open to innovation except that we also have a responsibility to consumers. Let’s give it another three to five years.”

Despite this hesitation, BSP approved the licensure of a new virtual currency exchange service in June 2018. This was the eleventh company to receive a license by the regulatory agency, which includes Zybi Tech Inc., as well as some other notable companies, including Fyntegrate Inc., Rebittance Inc., Bexpress Inc., CoinvillePhils. Inc., BloomSolutions, ETranss, Virtual Currency Philippines Inc., and ABA Global Phils. Inc.

The approval of the 11th licensure is helping the Philippines to gain ground on Japan in terms of approval of cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to the 11 companies receiving a license, 24 companies have been granted an independent license to operate as an exchange within the Cagayan Economic Zone.

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