Zweispace and Binde announce new partnership on BSV chain

The Bitcoin SV (BSV) space, with all companies using the same public, massively scaling blockchain, is ripe for synergy. Two companies have found common ground to collaborate and develop their service together, as Zweispace and Binde have announced a new partnership.

Zweispace is known for their use of the BSV blockchain for recording real estate data, and notably, in detecting seismologic changes that could affect a buildings value. Those on-chain records can then be leveraged in contracts making the entire process of real estate more efficient, particularly in Japan where earthquakes can be a huge factor in the industry.

Binde, meanwhile, focuses on recording legal records and contracts to the BSV chain. This then allows law firms to have immutable records of historical truth, increasing confidence in legal systems, and for businesses to have total confidence in their interactions. 

In their press release, the two companies noted they’re work on the blockchain complimented each other well, helping to inspire the deal. “Zweispace contract’s platform is relevant for Binde’s effort to automate commercial contracts given its current deployment status and the fact that both companies have stated that will be working on Bitcoin SV blockchain,” said Rogelio Reyna, CEO of Binde.  “Both Binde and Zweispace believe that this collaboration agreement will allow us to move faster and better to build services that delight our customers.”

“Binde’s approach involving industry professionals, like Doctor of Law professors in generating logics for commercial contracts, in addition to their understanding of utility of smart contract and blockchain, led us naturally to collaborate to minimize our effort, avoiding redundant work, and to expand with more channels and geographic regions as well,” said Hayato Kameta, CEO of Zweispace. “The fact we both work on BSV, assures our attitude toward meeting regulations which follows and is consistent with contemporary industry practices and coordinates.”

Considering both companies operate in the contract space, the partnership creates obvious synergies and allows both parties to expand their reach. It’s just more proof that the BSV space is not only professional, but looking to build to something greater.

With CoinGeek London coming up on February 20-21, it’s likely that we’ll hear more from companies like Zweispace and Binde, ready to announce new partnerships and new developments in the BSV space. Don’t miss the conference, tickets are still available.

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