Zombie researchers threaten $100m lawsuit against John McAfee

If you haven’t been following the exciting tales of John McAfee lately, then you’ve been missing out on another incredible chapter in his career as a cryptocurrency promoter. The libertarian U.S. Presidential hopeful appears to have gotten into another conflict with an aspiring dark coin, and they are now demanding $100 million in compensation.

The South China Zombie Research Center, who first appeared on Twitter on August 15, 2019, believes they can train Zombies, who they totally believe exist, to accept crypto payments to not eat humans. To develop that crypto, they hired John McAfee to write their white paper and promote their cause, the CZ coin.

McAfee, who does not appear to be a true believer in the zombie threat, could not refuse the deal and began tweeting his support for their project.

Several news outlets pointed out how crazy this all sounds, but if this is a joke, the Zombie research people and McAfee both deny it. To prove as much, McAfee posted a preliminary draft of his white paper on September 4. In it, he spends the majority of the first two pages describing the terms of his employment, and his personal belief in the project.

I was also promised a staggering percentage of the coins. The amount of cash up front that I was paid was $4.5 million usd. In addition, I demanded and received 20% of their entire intended issuance of coins.

Even if someone held a gun to my head, I could not muster any statement more positive than: DO NOT INVEST IN THIS SHITCOIN!! Under any circumstances, at any time for any reason.

Only an idiot would consider, even under conditions involving the most extreme warping of reality, investing in this coin or any offshoot of this abomination!

The foreward also hammers home on two important points. First, that McAfee promised to be honest in his belief, or apparent disbelief, in the project. Secondly, that he believes his honesty should clear him of any guilt with the Securities and Exchange Commission should they come after his involvement.

Playing their role in the farce, the Zombie Research center replied swiftly, playing the victim in another alleged McAfee scam:


For his part, Mcafee responded that this is all just a big misunderstanding.

The whole story raises more questions than anyone is likely to want to answer. Is this a publicity stunt? Are either the zombie researchers or McAfee being serious? Is he just trying to send a message with a bit of satire? We may have to wait to find out, as McAfee now suggests he’s been kidnapped by Serbian drug lords.

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