Zetly and Johan Cruyff Institute partnership for Sports Business Education

Zetly and Johan Cruyff Institute announce partnership to promote education in Sports Business

GM! Zetly and Johan Cruyff Institute are delighted to announce their new partnership to promote education in the business of sport. The partnership aims to provide both organizations with the opportunity to expand their networks and knowledge in the field of Web3 technology.

Johan Cruyff Institute is a powerful blend of professors, associates, and partners who share a passion for educating the next generation of leaders in the business of sport. According to Johan Cruyff, “My vision of sports management is quite simple. I believe that people with a passion for sport are the best people to lead their organizations.” Johan Cruyff Institute offers a range of courses for elite athletes, sportsmen and women, and business professionals, with one common goal: to become the next generation of leaders in sports management.

The Cruyff Athlete Fund is made up of 14 full and partial scholarships that are to be awarded exclusively to students in the September-October edition for the 2023-2024 academic year.

The partnership will revolve around providing contacts to the world of sports clubs and federations, mutual referrals, free participation in online training webinars, educating Institute associates on Web3 and NFT technology and its application in club and federation strategy and marketing activities, as well as cross-promotion by sharing information on each other’s social media channels. Johan Cruyff Institute will also offer Zetly support in promoting the educational offer to its clients.

Michal Glijer, CEO of Zetly, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating: “We are looking forward to collaborating with Johan Cruyff Institute and educating the sports industry on the future of Web3 technology. Our goal is to provide valuable insights and knowledge on how technology can be used to improve sports management.”

According to Märiel Koerhuis, general manager of Johan Cruyff Institute, “our institution always stays ahead of the game and seeks innovation, and that’s why we have decided to partner with Zetly. Educating on Web3 in sports is the biggest leverage possible.”

The collaboration between Zetly and Johan Cruyff Institute aims to bring education and valuable insights to the sports industry, promoting innovation and progress for all athletes, sports partners, organizations, and students.

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