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Zetly: A two-year journey from concept to MVP and listing

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Zetly, a platform created to revolutionize fan engagement through digital assets, has achieved significant milestones over the past two years. Despite challenging market conditions, the team has relentlessly pursued the company’s vision, engaging in dynamic growth and innovation.

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Achievements and milestones

2022 The year 2022 was marked by dynamic development and numerous partnerships that significantly impacted Zetly’s expansion. Key achievements and partnerships included:

  • Be In Crypto, Comparic TV, Polish Basketball Federation (PZKosz), Tubbly, Synapse Network, PACT, Cookie3, VFC, POE Advisory, Nect, Leocode, PowChess, Haste Arcade, Transmira, Core Starter, Moonstarter, Polygen, Playpad, FBIN

Zetly also enhanced its community communication channels by running Telegram groups and other social media in five languages, supporting organic growth and community activity.

As part of the Sport Metaverse pilot program, in collaboration with U.S. technology partner Transmira, Michal Glijer and Robert Rice initiated a project dedicated to three major sports brands, attracting interest from many European sports clubs.

2023 In 2023, Zetly continued its mission of innovation and development, reaching new stages in its operations and introducing significant changes in its structure and offerings. Key achievements included:

  • Launch of the new Zetly 2.0 website.
  • Introduction of Zetly Academy.
  • Strategic partnerships with Johan Cruyff Institute, Blockstart, Cryptiony, Cashify, and others.
  • Exhibiting at global summits such as BSV London, Cryptosphere, and the World Football Summit.
  • Significant changes in tokenomics and the business model and platform architecture.
  • Introduction of an educational Web3 foundation and nomination of the CEO for Sport Business Poland.
  • Nomination of CEO Michal Glijer as the Person of the Year in Polish Sports.

2024 and the Future In the upcoming year, 2024, Zetly focuses on expanding its market presence and strengthening its position as a leader in Web3 technologies in sports. Planned activities include:

  • Participation in numerous national and international conferences to expand networking and industry collaboration.
  • Initiation of MVP development led by our technology partner, 4Chain Studio.
  • Establishing further strategic partnerships in the sports world.
  • Collaboration with Transmira on a podcast series about the transformative impact of Digital Twin on the sports industry.
  • Introduction of the Zetly NFT Fan Mascot series, engaging and rewarding our dedicated community.
  • Collaboration with Johan Cruyff and BSV on a webinar series showcasing how Web3 will revolutionize the sports landscape.
  • Launching our training program for Zetly sports institution partners, effectively implementing Web3.
  • Finalizing the Zetly trademark registration process, strengthening brand identity and protection.
  • The long-awaited market launch of the ZET token.

Analysis and conclusions

As Michal Glijer, Founder of Zetly, summarizes: “The key elements of our success have been innovation, the ability to adapt to a changing market, and unwavering belief in our vision. Utilizing digital assets to engage fans has opened new opportunities and horizons for us. Zetly has a tremendous opportunity for success not only in this part of Europe but in the global market. We know how to change the world of sports and fan engagement, and we are well-prepared to introduce our partners to the Web3 world through our proprietary training projects and Data Room Sport materials, which contain many necessary studies for building the market. We are creating a Web3 sports marketing agency that will serve our clients.”

Summary and future directions

Zetly continues its mission to revolutionize the sports world through digital technologies. The company plans to further expand its operations, strengthen its market presence, and strive to lead in the Web3 space.

As noted by Rafał Gelner, CEO of Zetly Group: “We face new challenges but also great opportunities. We are ready for the future, which will undoubtedly bring even more exciting projects and innovations. In the near future, we plan to complete the MVP in Q3 this year, list the ZET token on a global exchange, further expand the platform, and, most importantly, implement case studies for NFT with our partners based on our solutions. We believe that after launching the platform, additional sports partnerships will only be a matter of time. We have accomplished a lot, so like true Vikings, we do not know the word failure, which is why we look to the future with great optimism and invite everyone to participate in our ZET token pre-sale, which will allow us to continue developing our project after launching the MVP.”

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