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YouTube unveils generative AI experiments for consumers and content creators

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Barely two months after teasing users with a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) tools to improve the content creation process, YouTube is experimenting with two new AI features, including a chatbot in the mold of Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOGLBard.

According to a post on YouTube Help, the first experiment explores a tool to allow content creators to summarize the comment sections of their long-form videos into simple themes. YouTube says the feature will allow creators to easily navigate large comment sections to find key discussion topics with the additional functionality to sort comments manually.

“Creators can use these comment summaries to more quickly jump into comment discussions on their videos, or to draw inspiration for new content based on what their audiences are discussing,” read the post.

For now, YouTube says the feature will be restricted to a limited number of videos in English with large comment sections. YouTube Premium users can access the new comment summarization feature by simply opting into the service, with the video streaming company warning users that they “won’t see it on every YouTube video.”

The company revealed a second AI feature designed as a chatbot to allow viewers to gain more insights about a video “without interrupting playback.” According to the statement, the generative AI chatbot can create quizzes on academic videos, ask poignant questions to encourage deeper learning, and make video recommendations for similar content.

For now, YouTube says the feature will be only available to a handful of users in select videos, hinting at a broader rollout for premium subscribers in the coming weeks. Despite the details provided by YouTube, the company’s blog post fails to disclose a potential launch date for the AI tools.

“These features are experimental and we may not always get it right,” said YouTube. “That’s why we’re starting small with limited availability and collecting feedback.”

YouTube’s latest attempts come on the heels of the beta launch of YouTube Create and Dream Screen, leveraging AI to improve the content creation process. The company also introduced Aloud, an AI-dubbing tool allowing users to dub videos into multiple languages, and an AI-powered music search tool for creators.

Embracing innovation

In line with its streak of embracing emerging technologies, YouTube launched an AI music incubator to encourage innovation while protecting creators’ copyrights. YouTube rolled out the incubator in partnership with music giant Universal Music Group (UMG) (NASDAQ: UMGNF), onboarding superstars like Yo Gotti, Rodney Jerkins, the estate of Frank Sinatra, and Brazilian singer and songwriter Anitta.

“Working together, we will better understand how these technologies can be most valuable for artists and fans, how they can enhance creativity, and where we can seek to solve critical issues for the future,” said YouTube CEO Neal Mohan.

Mohan disclosed that YouTube’s foray into AI will prioritize consumer safety and protect creators’ copyrights while encouraging the technology’s responsible embrace.

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