WordPress paywall plugin MedioPay runs on BSV

WordPress paywall plugin MedioPay runs on BSV

Bitcoin SV has continued to become the blockchain of choice for many developers globally, with new applications being built every other day. The latest is MedioPay, a WordPress paywall plugin that seeks to help website owners accept BSV payments in a seamless and fast way.

MedioPay was created by Christoph Bergmann and brings to WordPress the great benefits that accrue from the use of Bitcoin SV. It allows the owner of a WordPress website to add a paywall and a tip button using Money Button.

The plugin is easy to use and doesn’t require any deep knowledge of how Bitcoin or blockchain technology works. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to create any new account as long as you have a BSV wallet. The MedioPay team recommends using Money Button as it allows users to test their own paywalls.

To get started, you have to first designate the fiat currency that you want your BSV denominated in. You also have to include your BSV address where the tips and the payments will be sent. The other advanced requirements include the option of sending mails with a transaction and more. These aren’t mandatory to get started.

Creating a paywall is easy, with the plugin having a paywall box which integrates into your editor. Any content you put in this box—from photos to text, audio to video—will be behind the paywall and your website visitors will be required to pay a certain fee to access. You can also add a tip button for visitors.

For the visitor to pay or tip you, they must have an active and loaded Money Button wallet which facilitates easy and very cheap BSV transactions.

MedioPay is built on Bitcoin SV as it’s the only blockchain project that facilitates microtransactions. BSV’s very low transaction costs allow its users to send tiny amounts of money without worrying about the fees. This has led to the emergence of a thriving ecosystem of applications that are building on BSV, all solving real-life problems.

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