Codugh team on using BSV to ensure every developer is rewarded

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The Bitcoin Association Virtual Hackathon gives the opportunity for even small teams to compete against a global pool of developers, and sometimes, their ideas turn out to be groundbreaking. This was the case in Seoul where the finalists of the second Hackathon pitched their ideas, and Codugh emerged victorious. The Codugh team, composed of Andrew Snow and Shashank Singhal, talked to Stephanie Tower on what Codugh is and why they think it could change the lives of developers globally.

Participating in the Hackathon had been a phenomenal experience, Singhal revealed: “It was great to try to develop something in such a short amount of time that would contribute to BSV community. It was tough obviously, but we enjoyed immensely.”

Codugh is a marketplace where API developers can post APIs and every time a consumer uses an API, a micropayment is made to the original coder. The micropayment is made possible by BSV’s extremely cheap fees which are designed to facilitate microtransactions. While API marketplaces have existed for some years now, they don’t support real-time payments based on the usage. Instead, they rely on such models as monthly subscriptions which are not as efficient.

YouTube video

Snow explained, “You can think of it like the AirBnB for developers. So, they’ve written all this code, they’ve produced all this information. Now they want to earn money from it. Right now it’s really hard to do that with today’s payment methods like Visa and Mastercard because it gets pretty expensive just to make one transaction, […] It allows us as developers who’ve just written something in their bedrooms to actually start earning some money from it.”

While you may be eager to use the platform, you have to wait for a month or two as the two developers polish up on a few features. The key piece of the puzzle for them is coming up with a business model that allows the business to sustain itself, all while ensuring that the developers who use their platform earn what they deserve.

Codugh emerged victorious in the Hackathon ahead of BitQ&A and Hive, walking away with $20,000 worth of BSV. The team is currently interacting with those who expressed early interest to learn what they expect from the platform, with the earliest version of the platform being slated for an early 2020 release.

YouTube video

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