WooCommerce opens its doors to Bitcoin SV

WooCommerce opens its doors to Bitcoin SV

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One of the largest eCommerce payment platforms for WordPress now has Bitcoin SV (BSV) support. WooCommerce, which is used by over 42% of all WordPress retail sites, has been provided a plugin that will enable BSV payments, according to a Twitter post. The plugin brings to merchants the capability to accept only cryptocurrency that still retains the original vision of what digital currencies are meant to be. 

The tweet by “Bit Vapes” from January 2 reads, “BitcoinSV wordpress woocommerce plugin. Accept #BSV payments on your merchant site. Control your own private keys.” He also included a link to the GitHub repository for the plugin, which can be found here. 

Bit Vapes is the pseudonym of an elusive developer known also as “mboyd1.” He brought Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments to WooCommerce at the beginning of last year when the cryptocurrency was still young and has now updated the plugin to support BSV. He is also behind a BSV testnet block explorer and a BSV testnet faucet. 

According to information fond in the repository, the plugin offers a number of benefits, including:

* Accept payment directly into your personal Electron Cash wallet.
* Electron Cash wallet payment option completely removes dependency on any third party service and middlemen.
* Accept payment in Bitcoin SV for physical and digital downloadable products.
* Add Bitcoin SV payments option to your existing online store with alternative main currency.
* Flexible exchange rate calculations fully managed via administrative settings.
* Supports multiple currencies, including Bitcoin SV
* Automatic conversion to Bitcoin SV via exchange rate feed and calculations.
* Ability to set exchange rate calculation multiplier to compensate for any possible losses due to bank conversions and funds transfer fees.

While most cryptocurrencies have morphed into their own tiny ecosystems that make them less viable as cash, BSV has kept the original design of digital currency alive. Despite the efforts of some to centralize the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network, proponents of BSV—and the true proponents of crypto—have worked to ensure that a peer-to-peer viable alternative to fiat is able to exist. 

Since the hard fork of BCH last year, BSV has continued to garner a significant amount of success. It is now listed by over 50 exchanges and there are also several wallets—such as Centbee, HandCash and CashPay—that are exclusive to the coin. 

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