Wilson Auctions to hold British cryptocurrency auction

Have you wanted to get in the cryptocurrency craze, but you’re waiting for agood deal? Well, now is your opportunity as Wilson Auctions announced that they will be hosting an auction starting on Wednesday, September 25 where over $600,000 of crypto will be sold.

The currency was seized by law enforcement officials and is related to criminal activities. According to the Unit, the currencies were taken from a criminal who “illegally supplied online personal data and hacking services in exchange for thousands of pounds worth of cryptocurrency.”

The cryptocurrency was taken from a 19-year-old who was found guilty of illegally supplying personal data online. He was also found guilty of providing hacking services which garnered him thousands of pounds for the use of his services. Elliott Gunton was ordered to pay £400,000 in restitution and was sentenced to 24 months in prison for his crimes.

The auction will be an international one and will begin at noon (GST) on September 25 and will end on September 26 at noon. The BTC will be divided into lots and will be sold in groups ranging from 0.25 to 2 BTC.

In addition, the announcement added that “A further 15 Lots of [BTC] will be included in the Unreserved Government Auction which will take place at 6 pm GMT on Thursday 26th September and will be available to both online and physical bidders.”A total of 315 BTC will be sold and it is expected that people will participate from 90 different countries across the globe.

Those interested in participating in the auction are required to deposit a minimum of £500 to be able to participate. They are also required to submit a copy of their ID, either a passport or driver’s license, proof of address and must fill out a form using the online registration application at the Wilson Auction site.

All persons wanting to participate must be registered by noon on September 25. All lots will be sold “as seen.” Winning bids will have until noon on September 30 to pay any final balance that is due.

The auction will be held by Wilson Auctions, which held a similar auction in Belgium in February of this year. Ironically enough, 315 BTC was also available in that auction, which was held on February 28. That currency was also seized as part of criminal activity.

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