nChain's Lead Product Designer Maria Eugenia Lopez

We’re here to change the world: Maria Eugenia Lopez tells CoinGeek Backstage

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Lopez is the lead product designer at nChain. Currently, she’s working on “a series of modules and plugs that are interoperable with one another,” she revealed. This includes an electronic signature module and an identity management solution, she told CoinGeek Backstage reporter Becky Liggero on the sidelines of the Bitcoin Masterclasses #6.

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“We’re here to change the world,” says Maria Eugenia “Huge” Lopez. In an interview with CoinGeek Backstage, she talked about how nChain is leading the revolution, the power of micropayments, Bitcoin remittances, and more.

The Masterclass series offers a clear understanding of what nChain and Dr. Wright’s goal is, says Lopez. It equips the attendees with a vision of how the products and services they are working on can change the world.

“They remind us that this is what we’re here for…to change the world and revolutionize the industry,” Lopez remarks.

A key theme in The Bitcoin Masterclasses #6 was remittances and how Bitcoin can change the industry. Being born and raised in Argentina and now working in London, the topic hit home for Lopez, who has to send money back home every so often. The process is usually complex, slow, and expensive.

“It’s very painful and they take a big cut for every payment that I do,” she says.

Argentina has grappled with runaway inflation and an ever-weakening peso in recent years. This has forced the government to make moves such as limiting the number of pesos locals can convert to U.S. dollars, making remittances even more difficult, says Lopez.

“Your money has value one day and it decreases the next,” she noted.

Bitcoin is the solution for Argentina’s woes, Lopez believes. With a global currency supporting micropayments at a very granular level, “we can use it as a bridge to make money transfer more accessible.”

Micropayments will also play a key role in financial inclusion and the digitalization of cash, she adds.

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