Roman Livson on CoinGeek Backstage

We chose BSV because it works—Burkhan World’s Roman Livson on CoinGeek Backstage

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Roman Livson has been in the finance industry for decades, and as the chief financial officer of Burkhan World Investments, he has invested in dozens of startups, some of them in gaming and eSports. As he told CoinGeek Backstage, many of these startups migrate to BSV because it works.

Burkhan World is a family office based in Washington D.C that invests in diverse sectors, from renewable energy to edtech, blockchain to esports, Roman told CoinGeek Backstage host Becky Liggero in Dubai on the sidelines of the BSV Global Blockchain Convention. At the event, he was part of a panel that delved into data power-ups and NFTs for eSports and online games.

As Roman revealed, one of the company’s portfolio investments is an eSports startup with over 50 million active monthly users. This startup is seeking to transition to the blockchain, and BSV is on top of the list of the networks it’s exploring, he stated.

For him, it’s all about using a blockchain network that works.

“Most customers don’t care about what’s under the hood if it’s working efficiently. BSV offers all the advantages – it’s instantaneous, it’s very cheap per transaction and that’s why it’s at the very top of our list,” he said.

Roman further revealed that Burkhan World is developing its own token, which will be used by all its customers and portfolio gaming companies. The firm is exploring developing the token on BSV.

“The plan is to incubate new games using our own coin,” Roman revealed.

Roman is not new to the BSV world and has been attending CoinGeek Conferences for quite some time now. And while enthusiasm for Bitcoin has not changed among the attendees, he noted that the biggest difference is the adoption. Today, the number of enterprises building applications on the BSV blockchain is way higher than when Roman first attended a CoinGeek Conference, he stated.

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YouTube video

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