Centbee event;s leaderboard

Use Centbee and win €1,500 to attend BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai

Centbee has become one of the top Bitcoin wallets for the BSV Blockchain community, allowing users to easily store, send, receive and spend their BSV. And while its user interface is seamless and its security is world-class, there’s one more exciting reason to use your Centbee wallet as often as you can—users have a chance to win €1,500 to be used to visit Dubai and attend the BSV Global Blockchain Convention this May.

Centbee has partnered with the BSV blockchain’s association to launch a new competition rewarding those that use the wallet often or bring in their family and friends into the BSV ecosystem.

To enter the competition, all you have to do is download the latest version of the Centbee wallet, add a profile name and photo if you’re a new user, and then get to sending, receiving, and spending BSV on the many platforms and outlets that support Centbee, which now includes top retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

The competition centers on Honey Rewards, which the wallet automatically awards to active users. Aside from spending BSV, you can also earn Honey Rewards (which are spendable as BSV) for introducing others to Centbee. A leaderboard on the Centbee website will be continuously updated throughout the competition, allowing you to find plenty of ways to beat the competitors and climb up the rankings.

For the 10 people who earn the most Honey Rewards over the course of the competition (which runs from March 18 to May 2), the reward will be an invitation to attend the BSV Global Blockchain Convention. This will include €1,500 (payable in BSV) to fund airfare, visa applications, accommodations, and any other costs related to the event.

The event takes place in Dubai from May 24-26, bringing together some of the greatest thought leaders, developers, and leaders in the blockchain ecosystem. It will feature exhibitions, meetups, discussion panels, product launches, and much more.

The event will have an even bigger buzz than previous Bitcoin events due to the continued growth of the BSV blockchain ecosystem.

Make sure to tune in to the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai this May!

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