University of Malta now offers degree in blockchain, DLT

University of Malta now offers degree in blockchain, DLT

With blockchain technology becoming increasingly more popular in use around the world, one university has opted to start offering students a degree in this technology. The University of Malta will now offer a master’s degree in blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT).

The Mediterranean island nation has established themselves as one of the most receptive to the use of this kind of technology. Recently, they established a government authority to assess and certify DLT, crafted regulations that make the use of smart contracts easy, among other things.

It is in this backdrop that the University of Malta has introduced a master’s degree program that will aid students who have chosen this technology as a career path. The program began in October with 35 students beginning to work toward the degree. Students will take three semesters of classes specifically oriented to blockchain and DLT, and choose two additional areas to focus their study.

The program is described by the University as “The multi-disciplinary Master of Science in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies aims to attract students having an undergraduate first degree in ICT, Business or Law. […] The program provides both an interdisciplinary view of Blockchain and DLT, as well as a specialization within either an Information and Communications Technology, Law or Business area.”

Joshua Ellul, who will serve as the program director for the program, recently addressed the new students about the exciting opportunity presented to them. He explained that this degree offers them plenty of opportunities to find employment as there are numerous companies and governments across the globe who are looking for highly trained, blockchain knowledgeable young men and women to fill needs.

In discussing the need for the program, Ellul explained, “We noticed a huge problem between techies and lawyers and business professionals. There was a communication disconnect between us. We thought: ‘this would be the perfect place to have a master’s, one serving the multidisciplinary purposes of the different specializations.’”

The University has partnered with the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) to establish a €300,000 ($333,990) scholarship fund to assist students to participate in the program. The degree will focus on understanding the regulatory and legal framework involved in using these technologies.

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