Malta pushes blockchain education with scholarships

Malta pushes blockchain education with scholarships

Malta is continuing to invest in its human resources, bringing them up to speed with courses in blockchain technology being offered by the government. Silvio Schembri, the Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation, awarded the first Blockchain and DLT Scholarship Grants to 19 lucky students.

“These 19 awardees are a symbol of courage to embrace change and we definitely need more like them. I thank the University of Malta and MITA’s future-looking mind-set and for their commitment in preparing future generations for the necessities of future industries, as well as the building blocks of Malta The Blockchain Island require everyone’s involvement, from the ground up,” said Schembri.

The Parliamentary Secretary revealed that the government was actively looking to merge traditional professions with technology. He said that the digital scenario is evolving at a very fast past and the government was looking at other areas, such as ICT Engineering and legal work, which specializes in technology for the potential that blockchain offers. Schembri said that technology is expected to infiltrate a considerable number of professions and the country must be prepared for these changes.

University of Malta rector Alfred Vella waxed lyrical about the arrangement also heaping praise upon the government’s vision of making Malta the Blockchain Island. He reaffirmed the university’s commitment to the blockchain cause and stated that he was enthusiastic to take the leap of faith forward in this sector.

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies provide new educational and academic challenges. which span multiple disciplines including Law, Business and ICT. It is for this reason that we have been proactive at the University of Malta in developing a multi-disciplinary master’s programme in Blockchain and DLT,” said Director of Centre of Distributed Ledger Technology Joshua Ellul.

The Malta Information and Technology Agency and the University of Malta signed an MOU in 2018, in which a grant of EUR300,000 for scholarships was established. These scholarships are for a period of three years and are directed at students who want to continue with their studies in blockchain and distributed ledger technology at both masters and doctorate levels.

The scholarship awardees will be reading for a Master’s degree in Blockchain, DLT as well as Law and DLT, Finance and business and ICT and DLT. The total investment is around EUR 160,000.

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