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University of Exeter’s Jack Rogers is excited to see the BSV impact on global economy—here’s why

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The original Bitcoin protocol, as envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto, is embodied by Bitcoin SV (BSV), and the big blocker community is eager to continue the legacy of Satoshi.

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Professor Dr. Jack Rogers, director of the MSC FinTech Program at the University of Exeter, is among those making strides to ensure that Satoshi’s vision will continue to live on. This prompted him to organize the IEEE Exeter Blockchain Event in collaboration with IPv6 Forum President Latif Ladid.

In an interview with CoinGeek Backstage, Rogers described the two-day forum as a “unique” event, where experts, the academe, and BSV enthusiasts engaged in discussions on current developments in the BSV blockchain, from building applications to user experience, cybersecurity, and crafting educational initiatives.

“That could be history being made because I don’t ever remember seeing somebody present something about Ethereum and solidity alongside other people from the Bitcoin SV space and then have a reasonable conversation from both sides,” Rogers said, recapping the event.

But while the growing community engagement is something to be excited about, Rogers said the thing that he looks forward to is witnessing the impacts of BSV on the global economic landscape and society.

“Potentially, at a global scale, the consequences and the benefits to humanity globally is so enormous when they sort of added up over time as well,” Rogers said, explaining the possible impacts of the BSV community’s burning passion to continue building on what Satoshi started.

“There’s a journey and a story there which we’re hoping to tell more of to enough people who are willing to listen of someone called Satoshi who created this incredible thing, and it lives on,” Rogers said, stressing that the idea of getting more people to understand the motive behind the original Bitcoin protocol and encourage more developers to continue Satoshi’s vision is what keeps him motivated.

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